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Has anyone converted an advanced powerbase to lap counter/timer only ?

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  • Has anyone converted an advanced powerbase to lap counter/timer only ?

    Digital and analog.

    Just curious if power removed from lanes , believe it will work with any scaly digital or analog power base.

    And yes Mr Flippant, there is a real serious reason for this question about the advanced power base and may speak about it soon.

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    Yes, the sensors still work


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      Yes, of course. My APB is split from the track, and I can leave the power disconnected and the sensors still work. The base doesn't know from Adam if the power is connected to the track or not.


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        Thank you

        Gysse and MrFlippant very very much.

        A very short version of story is:
        Does my 2017 apb have a wiring problem like the arc pro problem or is it even worse ?
        Answer is not sure if worse yet until try SF arc pro mod on it.


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          Oh, you mean for your APB that would never let you set the analog direction to have both lanes go the same way?
          I doubt that's a WIRING problem so much as an electronics problem. the relay that controls lane polarity probably broke, since we are quite certain that you've explored all the possible settings options.
          But, splitting the power would allow you to set up your own polarity fix for that. Personally, I'd install a polarity switch (just like for analog tracks) so that you can flip it back when using the APB to power the track digitally, because otherwise, it will have the same problem as the ARC Pro with competing digital polarity and dead zones in lane changers.


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            remember when ran pitlane test for you to confirm your finding on arc pro

            ran it on this advanced and it failed digital
            retested on pb4 and it passed
            ran again on my advanced and it failed

            last 8-17 andy capp on sf reported his new apb had failed with off track powered pitlane
            but blamed in on analog refusing to go 1 direction
            said did an arc pro like mod for it but failed
            never said what failed digital or analog or both
            on 11-17 said scaly was going to replace it

            so contacted scaly who wanted me to send it back on my dime to scaly home
            would replace but told them leery of last run of apb
            then would return purchase price
            no way
            want to find out if arc pro mod will help
            since andy capp left out those little details
            fails then becomes lap counter
            if not usable still out only refund minus shipping
            no big loss cause finally get answer and 1/2 straight

            broken relay on new replacement from scaly USA ?
            quite certain had explored all analog options you say ?
            yea you got a bridge to sell too ?
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              WTF? John... Please re-state with real English, not Gorpish. I literally have NO IDEA what you are saying in this one.

              Otherwise, oh well. You'll just have to figure out your own solutions to your own, VERY unique, problems.


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                stock arc pro fails pitlane test of 2 lanes into 1
                sf mod arc pro passes it
                my advanced fails it

                if had a backup now sitting in a box waiting to be a replacement
                would test first before putting into track
                to avoid an unhappy surprise
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                  Except, the reason your current APB fails is because of the failed relay that has caused the reversed polarity lane.


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                    Originally posted by gorp View Post
                    andy capp ?
                    I don't get all the electronic mumbo jumbo but I do get the gist of bumbling British engineering , not working, ignoring problems .

           Guess you have to be older. Important to tell parables that your crowd will understand. (note: andy capp is a non de plume for a poster on sf)
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                      Mr Flippant, how do you fix a failed relay ?

                      Oh never mind.

                      Just did an SF arc pro mod on my advanced.
                      Digital passes pit lane test now.
                      Analog runs both toys in same direction now.

                      Pulled out arc pro from track.
                      Stuck in modified advanced.
                      Works great and shows time for laps for both digital and analog.
                      Very happy now.

                      Although says left to right but runs right to left.
                      Figure can resolder 4 wires but am to lazy.
                      Will just press a button for now.


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                        Originally posted by gorp View Post
                        Mr Flippant, how do you fix a failed relay ?
                        You don't. You send the base back for warranty repair, you replace the relay itself, or your do what you did, and just swap the wires around.

                        Glad (lol) you got it fixed to your satisfaction.