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ARC PRO pitstop anywhere?

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  • ARC PRO pitstop anywhere?

    Hello forum!

    I am considering switching from SCX Digital to Scalextric Digital (building around the C1374 SET), mostly due to difficulty in finding replacement parts where I live, but also for the wireless controllers. Could you please, solve a couple of doubts I have?

    1) The quick start guide in states that:
    Note: The pitstop fuctionality can be activated anywhere on the track (ie drivers do not have to enter the pitlane in order for the pitstop button to work). However, it is recommended that a pitlane is used when racing in ARC PRO mode in order to avoid collisions in the same lane whilst racing.
    Is there some kit I could add to force the pitstops to happen in the pit lane?

    2) I think I read in another thread in this Forum, which I cannot find again, that fuel consumption is not dependent on controller input, but merely on laps. Is that so?

    Both items are making me seriously reconsider Scalextric as an option...

    Thanks for the !

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    1) not at this time, no. Scalextric have never offered such a product, and I don't expect them to start. Most likely, a third party will develop a simple product that transmits Car ID to the computer when a car crosses, and then a piece of software will indicate of the car is in the pits (e.g. third party software as well). This is how it has been since SSD originated, and is likely how it will be for ARC. As soon as a third party program is developed to completion, it might be able to use existing sensor devices (Pit-Pro and SmartSensor), but that must remain to be seen. For now, you'll just need to tell people not to stop on the track. The good news is that it will be PAINFULLY obvious that they're doing so, because they will have stopped dead on the track and the pit lane sounds will start up for that racer.

    2) That is correct. The actual amount used per lap is a function of the number of laps or the time of the race, it would seem. The less laps, the more fuel, and vice versa. This is another thing that will be corrected with third party apps.

    And to give you a bit of encouragement, there is already a third party app in development, and it looks to be moving along very quickly, with lots of input from the community on what to include. Rest assured that those two things are also quite high on most of our lists of desires, so if it CAN be done, it WILL be done.

    At this point, I'd say it's safe to dive into SSD with the ARC Pro system. The wait for those things will be short.


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      Yes currently in Digital Mode in ARC PRO you can stop anywhere on the track to pit. So other drivers have to take care... in analog mode you have to stop on the powerbase main straight.
      Currently there is no way around this but like it says on the website, setting up a dedicated pit lane can reduce any issues as long as all drivers stick to the rule.

      Currently fuel consumption is based on laps and fairly "continuous" i.e. you tend to use up a full tank within 10 laps and need to pit. There is an independent effort on another forum to make a new app that might able to adjust this....

      Couple of things: Analog ARC i.e. ARC PRO in analog mode, ARC AIR and ARC ONE all work with any car as long as it has a black guide blade.

      With ARC AIR apart from the lane changing and more than 2 cars it is pretty much the same as any digital set up out there.

      You can adjust the performance of each car individually : not just may power but also acceleration behavior.

      You can reuse your analog parts of SCX track if you can find the "SCX universal to analog/classic" adapter and then user a Hornby Sclaextric Classic <-> Sport adapter.

      All cars will need rechipped (or de-chipped and made analog) and you cannot use any digital pieces with lane changing....


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        I made a scx universal to scalextric sport track adapter. Very easy and can be done in one night with just a exacto blade, utility knife and shoe goo to smooth out and glue pieces.. You can find it in this forum with pictures under track and scenery.. Any questions email or pm me ��