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  • stumped by arc pro

    Had family over to run on arc pro for first time and result was not impressive.
    They have raced digital before here and have scaly analog track at home.
    They usually win.

    Track totals about 24 ft with 3 seconds fast lap times.
    2 dual straight changers used and 4 controllers and 5 porsche/audi from early days stock except for silicones.
    Lap counter powered by pb4 off track.
    Arc pro is SF modified for digital power use only and has 2 scaly power packs feeding it.
    NO app used
    No previous problems show in testing with this track layout.

    Racing started great with a few 10 lappers.
    Then next race after a few laps, closest lane changer failed for me but 2nd was fine.
    Next time after few laps, 2nd changer failed but first was ok , then it failed too.
    Pulled toy off track and asked other 3 racers to change lanes but none could.
    Turned off and on hand controllers but no change.
    Turned off and on arc pro and race last a few laps when both changers failed again.
    Removed lap counter but made no difference.
    Ran a few more of those failed races using 3 then 2 and then 1 for testing but results were same failure
    so then switched to running analog like with lap counter back in.

    Probably can retest this arc pro with rubber bands and try a stock arc pro and pb4 and other changers.
    But this failure has got me stumped.

    this evening retested and arc pro worked fine
    so will leave it in place
    and have 2nd stock arc pro ready to switch in if necessary
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