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yo Mr Flippant, stumped again

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  • yo Mr Flippant, stumped again

    Now think you may have far more knowledge about why I was stumped on my previous topic.

    Have been reading a current SF thread that evolved since starting way back in 2013.
    SSD lane changer software.

    Around 2014-15, there was a discussion about stock XLC failures after so many minutes and eventually shutdown that was possibly fixed by replacing and increasing the fuse on the XLC, but the scaly software evolution could also be the cause.
    It appeared that the safe level was 1 to 2 XLC per track running maximum of 3 cars.
    Also because of the software/design change , the preferred XLC was the original over the current version.

    Anyways was wondering if this is your view today and if so does powering the XLC off track have any real effect on the changer reliability ?

    Thanks, gorp

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    I'd have to read the thread, but usually limits on numbers of XLC are based on the amps provided to the track by the power base. With older and/or weaker/unmodified SSD power bases, there was a pretty low limit the amps provided to all the cars and lane changers. In that situation, powering the lane changers separately was, and remains, a popular option that works well to offload some of the power consumption from the power base. The rest is available to the cars.

    You also mentioned firmware updates, but I'm not sure if you're referring to something that changed from the factory by Scalextric, or the XLC-Pro firmware developed by hobbyists. I wasn't aware of firmware changes from Scalextric, but that's not something I would care much about, since the functionality never changed.

    If it helps, I separately powered all the lane changers on my track when I completely redid the power wiring. I even have pigtails I can pull out from under the track to wire lights to... some day.


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      Thanks Mr Flippant.

      Was more concerned about the reported failures, that quicken , leading to shutdown of stock XLC.
      Believe Riko mentions that around 127 and response by others comparing older and newer models of stock XLC.

      Was led to believe by scaly usa that the new version of XLC was designed to be o2 compatible.
      Again it is posted on that thread to replace and increase the XLC fuse.

      After my previous topic on being stumped, this failure, quickening, then shutdown was experience had encountered using 2 new style XLC, 2 scaly power packs, 4 stock boxers, and the SF digital only mod arc pro, when racing with family.

      Have encountered numerous times stock 4-6 car lap counter shutdown with pb4 when using new XLC
      but when they are replaced with old XLC , the 4-6 lap counter works perfectly.

      Also have built 3-4 lane tracks in the past using 6 old style XLC and pbpro-sh ( with stock 4-6 lap counter) without encountering XLC failure ever.

      Really concerned if a problem was accidentally created several years ago for the goal of o2 compatibility that could actually hurt enlarging tracks and personally now regret even buying any of the new style XLC.

      BTW is there any pics currently available that show the wiring required for XLC off track power or is it a no brainer ?
      ( the ones have seen listed have always been removed )

      Is it wired directly to a power pack or through a pb4 for instance like my 4-6 lap counters that must use with the new XLC ?

      Are the lights you are planning to install red and green for stop and go at XLC intersection or just a yellow one to race through ?
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