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NEW 3rd Party App for ARC power bases

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  • NEW 3rd Party App for ARC power bases

    A racer from Italy who goes by the name of Magic has created a great new app to replace the app that comes with Scaley's ARC power bases. You can download the app from his website.

    Some of the features include landscape mode, multiple pace cars, infinite throttle profiles with a tool to draw your own profile, and brake button track call.

    Chris99 did a quick and dirty movie of the interface a few versions back here.

    Magic is doing updates almost hourly. The app is available now for Android and Windows 10 and an iOS version will be coming soon. There are threads for discussion, bug reporting, and requests at SFI.

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    Anyone tried this out? Thoughts?


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      Check out the comments on SlotForum.
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        I've fiddled with the app, but not connected to the base and using it in a race/testing yet. Other people have, though. You can find their thoughts on other forums.


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          amazon fire ?

          just wondering if app will be available for it
          scaly arc update arrived finally couple weeks ago


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            I like it.

            I tried this app for the first time last night. I used only the quick race function with one car, but already it seems like it's going to be a big improvement over the basic Scaly Arc Pro App. It's not finished yet, but digital racers using Scaly's Arc systems definitely need to take a look at this app. Glen


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              The iOS version of the Magic ARC App is out and it looks very good.

              I just finished running a few races with a pace car, setting power levels, drawing my own throttle profile and using the track call initiated from the controller. Track call is called "Yellow Flag" and you can set what the cars do - slow down or stop - and whether the driver who initiates the track call gets a penalty.

              At Slot Forum there are threads for bug reports, feature requests, and general discussion of Magic's app.

              Magic is incredibly responsive, issuing bug fixes very quickly after bugs are posted.

              Don't forget to kick in a few bucks, there's a nag screen when you launch the app.


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                I tried to search for it on my I pad and I couldn't find it. Are you sure that's the right name?


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                  Magic ARC App. Just checked on another forum. It said the IOS version had just become available at the App Store. I don't have an Iphone or an Ipad, so I can't check. Sorry. Glen
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                    I've downloaded the App but have not used it yet. Busy finishing my new layout

                    The App works und my 4 year old iPad running IOS 11 but it failed to download on my 7 year old iPad mini running under IOS 9.

                    So I guess one needs IOS 10 at least.


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                      I tried to download it on my iPad 4 and the App Store said I needed iOS 11.3 to run Magic ARC app.

                      Once Magic gets any bugs zapped he's got some amazing plans - pace cars that learn your layout by you driving them and the ability for each driver to use his own mobile device to change settings are what I remember off hand. You can request features on the thread at Slot Forum.

                      For me, just having landscape mode, track call from the controller and multiple pace cars is a giant step forward.


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                        So the Windows 10 support makes the powerbase now more viable. Handshaking is automatic.
                        Now we can have a projected screen for racing...

                        OK, there are bugs at the moment, my prototype ARC AIR won't work with it, but that aside I have great hopes for this


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                          For those who haven't seen this app lately, it just keeps getting better and better. Most of the bugs have been worked out, so it runs smoothly and has lots of neat features, including multiple ways to adjust throttle profiles and power percentages for cars and/or drivers. Most recently he upgraded the end of race stats. I spent the whole day playing and I'm really enjoying it.
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                            Sounds very interesting, as I am thinking ARC PRO might be the way to go for me, after fiddling around and not really getting SSDC to work correctly.

                            Seems like it has all the features that attracted me to SSDC (fueling, track calls, lapped and timed races, etc.) Two quick questions:

                            1) How many Pace or computer controlled cars can it run during a race?

                            2) I see it has a Windows option, so I downloaded it to my laptop. Has anyone had any success using this other than with a phone or tablet?


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                              Thought of a third question:

                              Can you run a pit lane setup with the C7015 Pit Lane Right track that works for refueling?

                              As always, thanks in advance for any help provided.