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Porsche Series C3851 vs Older

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  • Porsche Series C3851 vs Older

    Question to those who have been in the game far longer than I.

    I am working on getting a small Porsche Series running with a bunch of the guys in my area. I have a few old and run down Hornby Porsche 911 GT3R's Would I better off picking ups a bunch of the older cars (C2665, C2730, C2731, etc) and converting to digital or picking up a bunch of the newer C3851's and repainting new liveries on them all. I am fine with the painting side of it. no shortage of airbrush and hobby skills there.

    Looking for more insight around level playing field, handling, maintainability? Assuming C3851's are the way to go... personally just like the look of the older Porsches...

    thoughts? Or would i be better off going with a different car manufacture, carrera etc... (I am footing the cost for the cars)

    Track is in process and is a digital layout running RCS64

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