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  • SSDC still available?

    Greetings all...I am looking to purchase a Race Management System for my C7042 Powerbase. I am interested in Scalextric Sport Digital Console more so than the RCS64 platform, but I am not sure if they are still in business. I have tried reaching them via their website (http://ssdc.jackamen...m/contact.shtml) for a few weeks now, sending a couple of different messages, but all have met with no response.

    Does anyone know if they are still operating and accepting orders?

    If not, is RCS64 my only option at this point? And are they still accepting orders?

    Finally, I see Pendle has the necessary cable to connect the powerbase to a PC via a USB port. This is the only hardware needed to get things up and running, correct?

    Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.

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    Did you place an order, or only send inquiries? Andy, the developer, is pretty much incommunicado, but reports are that he will still process orders and send a license for use of the software.


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      I wanted to make a purchase, but I had a question I wanted some clarification on. So I sent a couple of three inquiries, never hearing back. Makes me leery of placing an on-line order.


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        I understand. It's still a great RMS. I prefer RCS64 for the features that I like, but would love the GUI of SSDC with it. They're both pretty much out of development at this point, though. Have you looked at ESRM?


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          An Update:

          Thanks to information here and elsewhere, I took the plunge and ordered SSDC on Saturday...received my access code this morning.

          So, SSDC is still in business, and accepting orders.

          Thanks for the assistance and information.