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Dave Kennedy, scaly england arc app forum sent me to ask you

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  • Dave Kennedy, scaly england arc app forum sent me to ask you

    What are the 2 apps on their arc pro firmware site for, since there has not been any notice of a firmware update available ?

    Also since buying a "new" used amazon fire 7, have been able to try both versions of arc app from amazon.
    Discovered that my older toys without the little man on the motor ( age has made memory of correct name lost in mind ) will not count correctly in analog (adding laps to invisible toys that really are not on the track) while laps jump ahead on the real car.

    Understand this is known problem on sf but was not known here.

    Suggest strongly to scaly that because this affects all arc power bases and many people do have older toys that they would like to race , that the analog lap counter (the one with batteries works well) should go back into production ASAP.

    Also you do not need black guides for these vintage counters.

    Otherwise the used analog lap counters out there will probably take a big jump in price on ebay.
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    so appears now the pic firmware update will

    equalize the 2 analog lanes on arc pro

    the ble firmware update still does not say what for

    all this info from looking at scaly official site since no response from official spokesman

    now will have to find windows based computer for the pic update
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      Would you have a link to this information on the Scalextric site? I'm not seeing it.


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        Never mind. I found the information.