have a problem running analog and crashing into lane changers that suddenly close in your lane ?
no need to rewire them separately as has been suggested elsewhere
try GAS

GAS is taking the stock arc pro and reversing the powerbase so that analog runs in the opposite direction
gives you 2 different tracks on the same layout

like how digital cars run on digital but not how they run on analog arc pro ?
me neither
try GLAD

GLAD allows digital and analog toys to run under digital power side as analog
so digital cars becomes controllable as analog
don't believe it ?
take 1 slotit or scaly chip and tape 2 motor end wires to just 1 test lane of track without a powerbase
take the chip guide end wires and tape it to just 1 lane of a separate arc pro, stock or sf mod, and set powerbase on digital
the chip used must match the id of the controller, with most new chips being id 1, while the digital car id is unimportant for glad analog and the analog car itself not needing a chip
enjoy the test ?

of course you can use the GAS arc pro analog changer solution with GLAD

simple GLAD how to is right here on sci on home page, articles, how to
(apologize for bad pics when taken way back when it was designed to allow pb4 to run analog cars)