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sunset speedway arc pro powerbase question

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  • sunset speedway arc pro powerbase question

    The new 3 car arc pro set is out across the pond and still listed as will arrive here last august.

    Has anyone heard if the arc pro powerbase in it has been modified for full digital use and better analog ?

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    What is "full digital use"? All currently produced and available digital accessories work.
    I do agree though that chipped cars in analog mode are hard to handle.


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      He's probably referring to how they wired the base, inverting the polarity between the lanes for some reason, making curved lane changers completely unusable, and preventing any track configuration or power tap/jumper wiring that causes a bridge between the lanes. This can be rectified by correcting the polarity, but doing so breaks analog mode because one lane will be going the opposite direction.

      For the analog complaint, I assume he means how one lane (apparently) gets a little less power in analog mode. Probably also related to the polarity thing that it is then having to "fix" electronically rather than electrically. Or, he's referring to the above part of the digital problem.

      I don't believe either of these issues has been address with hardware, though I believe that the analog (power imbalance) is being addressed with a firmware update.


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        sorry for late reply MrFlippant

        you got it right

        and also if you get this , it means sci system is working good tonight

        btw sent you an email through sci while back
        figure no response due to sci problem or you did not recognize sender
        either way have figured out another solution for now
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          Either I didn't get it, or you didn't get my reply. I always reply to requests for help, even if the help I give is a direction elsewhere. I'm glad you found a solution.