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    I have the first digital 6 car power base. Is it still supported? It doesn't do ghost cars. I see the curve lane changers do not work with the newer systems. Can you still get controllers for this set if I were to use it? Which power supply does it take or can I use my adjustable supply. It has been in a box for a long time. No one to race against.

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    Supported? I mean... not with anything new, but you can still download software that will work with it. SSDC and PC Lap Counter to name a couple. You should still be able to get old stock of the wired SSD controllers, and yes you can use your adjustable power supply with it.

    But... depending on the version, you might not be playing with it long. When you turn it on for the first time, watch the screen and LMK what version it shows. If it's less than 1.5, then don't expect it to last long. It has little to no protection against shorts, so the first errant braid or wedding ring will kill it dead.

    There are solutions to the curved lane changer problem with the ARC Pro base, if you want to look into something more current.


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      Thank you.