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  • Scalextric Arc Pro - Looking to buy

    A bit of history.

    Many many years ago I had run Aurora/AFX Ho slot cars. Had a blast. Had them for a good while but then high school started and became interested in other things and did a stint in the Army as well.

    Well, back in 2006, I decided to get back into slots and discovered this digital slot car stuff. At the time, SCX seemed to have the best system so I went with that and really enjoyed it. Had relatively few problems with it. Loved the refueling and the lap counted aand chronometer accessories. Had the bridge and a few other track accessories.

    But, SCX stared to eventually drop the ball and not do any updates to the system. So that got me looking elsewhere.

    Nico was intriguing but then, it did not seem like Ninco had their heart set on their digital systed.

    Scalextrics 6 car base was not out yet if I recall and their system at the time seemed mediocre.

    Carrera then came calling. The new control unit had just recently came out and they had a number of accessories come out and a few other things in the works.

    Loved that system. Used it a lot.

    But then other things came about and my slot time really went to close to non-existand. So I ended up selling off everything in a few chunks a couple of years ago.

    Well, now I am back wanting to jump back in. Seems like one of those things that keeps grabbing you.

    Now I am very interested in Scalextric's Arc Pro system.

    Does the system now seem pretty mature and are any bugs relatively few and is Scaley continuing to improve it.

    Looking at the Arc Pro Sunset set. Seems like a pretty decent deal.

    Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Ready to possibly pull the trigger.

    Thanks all.

    And I see Dave Kennedy now works for Scaley/Hornby. I keep following his around! LOL

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    Oh, and do the cars in that set have lights?



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      It looks to me as if the cars in the set are "high resistance" which means no lights. There are version of those cars with lights and a lot of DPR (digital plug ready) cars do have lights in both analog and digital modes.
      Adding lights is not too terribly difficult with LED technology but I am too much of an idiot to tell you how. :-)

      I have had the ARC PRO for over 2 years and kids who have Carrera digital at home come to our house because ARC PRO is more fun.
      There is an alternative, user-made app called "Magic" that can do a few things the official app can't (multiple pace cars for example).

      In order to ensure analog compatibility the old curved lane changers have to modified to separate the two lanes. In the same vein you can't use the pit entry to reduce everything down to one lane.

      The best way forward is to think of an analog track and then add the digital bits later.

      The great thing about ARC and the Scalextric system is the C7005 retro chip can be used to digitize nearly all cars and in analog mode as long as the guide blade is black you can have pitstops and timing in analog mode.


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        A few more considerations with ARC PRO is that it doesn't allow for ghost cars that randomly change lanes and the lane change button can't be pressed as you cross the start/finish line or your lap won't count. It's otherwise a very good system. Beyond that, it mainly comes down to your available space. Also, Scalextric Sport is recommended to only be used in a temperature controlled environment and not fastened to the table since it's made of a softer plastic which can expand and contract.