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Computer run pit lane add on (Pit Pro)

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    You don't have too much track, but you do have too many (e.g. all) constant radius turns. Mix them up a bit, man! There's no requirement that a turn start with the same radius that it's made up of or ends with. Put an R3 before an R2 for a change. Get a few R1 turns in there, too, especially after an R2. What you have right now looks like a slot car track, not a race course. ;-)
    Also yes, one lap that has all the important elements but is shorter, is BETTER than a really long lap that is monotonous.

    As your pit idea is great. Something like that has been thought of before, but no one has actually made it happen. I hope you can.


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      I was more just foolin around with making up a track with the pieces I set up in Illustrator. Not really intending to make this one come to life but your points are good ones. One feature I do want to put in place is a 4 lane section and straight away but for now I might be trying to use the standard straights and curve track, that I now will have lots of, and cut down pieces for single lanes.

      Also just installed the SSDC program and got things running to see how it works. The fuel burn rate is quite interesting where a 1/2 to 3/4 steady power speed will get you more laps on a tank than one gets with an on/off full out in places speed. Now you need to think, Is the faster laptime going to out weigh the extra pit stops. Adds a nice touch.

      Thanks for your input.


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        Yeah, fuel burn is fun, and adds a great dimension of realism to the racing. Races are often won or lost in the pits.

        As for a 4 lane section... IMHO, don't waste your time. The whole point of digital (still IMHO!) is the car interaction. Most tracks have one good lane or racing line that most drivers will gravitate to (just like real race tracks). You only need one other slot to make a pass in. More lanes will just spread the cars out more. I've raced on 3 and 4 lane digital tracks. Until you break the 6 car barrier, more than 2 lanes is a waste of space that could otherwise be used for a better 2 lane course.