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Looking for help with the Scalextric C7042

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  • Looking for help with the Scalextric C7042

    New to all this so I'm wondering what I'm missing. I picked up the c7042 Pb and I'm having problems with it. The LCD powers up and then all the text fades out and the green led goes out. Cars and controllers still work on the track. Both the red and green on the Pb are lit. I have no other track connected to this Pb at the moment, just set it up on my desk to see how it worked first before replacing my current Pb. I've searched for information all day for a solution but I've had no luck. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Hello, Rehpa! Welcome to SCI.
    Sorry to hear about the troubles your APB (as we call it) is having. It could just be plain old broke, but I'm wondering if it might be power supply related. Are you using Scalextric brand power supplies designed for that base? Are you using one or two? If you're using two, try using just one of them. Try each of them individually, also try them individually in each socket. See if you can narrow the problem down to one power supply, or one of the two sockets. Hopefully it's a bad PSU so that you can get a replacement without missing out on using the base in the mean time. Whatever the case, the original place of purchase is the best place to start for replacements, since they're so new. Worst case, if they don't want to be good to their customer, is contacting Hornby America (Scalextric-USA) about warranty replacement/repair of the defective products.


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      I started with a single 9303 ps. When that didn't work I borrowed a 7033 and had the same results. Kind of kills the fun of having a new toy to play with.


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        For Scalextric in the States:

        Steve Lesh (spelling on last name is a guess)
        1 877 358 6405 extension 101

        Arvid 1 877 358 6405 extension 114

        Sorry I can't offer specific help. Instead I have an issue as well and wondered if anyone has a schematic for the circuit board PCB for the C7042 6 car Powerbase? I burned mine out and may be able to have it repaired if I can supply the values of the components.

        Thanks very much
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          What is power supply 9393

          What power supply is 9303 a Scalextric unit?

          I recommend using the Scalextric units as you then have a Warranty, with aftermarket supplies you could cause problems in that regard.

          Scalextric - USA are great people, they will help you.
          Alan Smith
          SCI Owner.



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            9303 looks like a generic 19v laptop power supply vs. the 7033 scalextric supply output of 15v. i am not sure if the APB can handle 19v or not... hopefully the 9303 didn't damage the APB.


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              9303 would be the newer version of 7033. I've got to tease Alan a little and provide a link...


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                Hehe, nice one.
                So yeah... two PSUs have the same result = base is bad. Contact your place of purchase or Scalextric USA.


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                  I made contact with Arvid today. He emailed me saying he would send me a new tower. My only problem now is the UPS ship notice has the building numbers backwards. Thank you all for the suggestions!