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Chipping Scaextric car - lights always on

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  • Chipping Scaextric car - lights always on

    This is the first Scalextric car I've chipped and have a question about the lights. The car is a Scalextric GT40 and I used a 7005 chip. The car runs fine and all, but I noticed that when I put the car on the track the headlights are immediately at full illumination. Is this normal?
    Thanks, Mark

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    Yes. The lights are probably wired to the pickups, rather than the motor. The lights are therefore picking up the AC right off the rails. This is how I prefer my chipped cars with lights, because it's a nifty indication that the car is on the rails getting power.


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      Thanks Greg. Just wanted to make sure I didn't mess something up.


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        Hi Cyclist, I'm about to give my first car chipping a shot which also happens to be a GT40 MkII

        Scalextric C3231 Ford GT40 MkII, Daytona 1966 (C3231)
        Scalextric C3211 Ford GT40 MkII, yellow/black (C3211)

        If you have some extra time for another newbie would you mind taking a photo of the chip in on this guy? If you can think of anything that might be helpful that you wish you knew before hand or have any advice feel free to throw that my way too



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          Sure, I'm a newbie as well and I have chipped two GT40's so take my input with a grain of salt. One is the C3066 #2 car where I mounted the chip up front and removed the magnet. I blew 2 F1 chips on this car with the magnet installed so I removed the magnet. So far, so good. I'm not sure why, but this car seemed to have a lot more magnetic downforce than the yellow 29 and I think that contributed to the chips early demise. So far I've tried to contact the fellow that was repairing them but have yet to hear back. In putting the chip up front it required some relieving of the cockpit and the driver's legs as seen in the second pic, but made the install a lot easier (IMHO). On the 29 car the F1 chip is installed right in front of the motor, hot glued in place with a piece of tape separating the chip from the can. I didn't have to remove any of the cockpit, but at least for me it was a tight squeeze to get the wires in the right spot and to have the body sit nice on the bottom chassis. So far, that car has not blown a chip and it's been running with the magnet, although I think I may take it out. In both cars the LED is hot glued where the other magnet hole is. Seems to work ok and I've had no trouble with lane changes.

          Here are the pics.

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            Finding room in the GT40 was tricky. I found that if I drilled a hole behind the drivers seat the same size as the big round silver part of the chip. I wish I knew what to call it, a capacitor perhaps? With this new found space the rest of the chip fits neatly in front of the motor. And yes the lights are always on.


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              Originally posted by MT Tam I am View Post
              I wish I knew what to call it, a capacitor perhaps?
              You are correct.


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                Slightly off topic, but I find these Scaley GT40's to be just rubbish. If I ever see a good runner, I'll be pleasantly surprised. Needs work and parts that are just not worth it... I'll look for another type of Gt40 before I do that.

                Maybe I just need to find some larger diameter rubber for the back to make me just a bit less dissasfied with them. Fine as they were for 10 year old kids mag racing, but beyond that... spending any money on them not really worth it to me.


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                  They're not cars, but with a little TLC they can be a lot of fun. For magless, as you well know, the biggest improvement is new tires. I put some Paul Gage urethanes on mine, sanded true, and that car was completely transformed. I didn't even do anything else, and it beats the stock and silicone tire ones hands down.


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                    Greg, what size Paul Gage tires do you use on the Scaley GT40 - is it the 22x10x6mm (3mm sidewall)?

                    Thanks, mark