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Calling seasoned pro's: magnet question

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  • Calling seasoned pro's: magnet question

    I was playing with my son and noticed the Audi R8 is generally slower around and extended 'oval' track as it frequently flips off at the corners.

    I realizes from another post and someone's comments that the shorter wheelbase which the Lombo has will be most stable around corners.

    I did an experiment when I noticed there are two available spots on the cars for a second magnet. I raided the magnet off another car and placed it in the R8 just behind the front wheels.

    Noticed an immediate improvement and the lap times reflected a distinct advantage.

    My question is, does this really hurt the motor? I read this causes the motor to work harder which I understand BUT if it ruins the motor, why then is there a blank spot for a second magnet.

    Another question I have is... what does the rules of Slot car state about running two magnets? Is this considered cheating?


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    If your playing with your son how is using two magnets cheating? If your racing in a club it all depends on the rules. Check the motor, if it's is hot to the touch than you are putting extra stress on the motor. Let it cool off before driving it further.


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      Thanks Dennis David.

      I will check it out after a fair length of play.

      I wanted to know what the general consensus is on magnet use.


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        Magnets are fine starting out and for kids. Most clubs do away with the magnets but it's up to the members.

        Without magnets your cars will slide but the experience is more realistic.


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          Ok, so adding a magnet will cause the motor to pull more amps. Other than heating up the motor and causing it to fail earlier than it would with less magnet, it's not a big deal... for ANALOG cars.

          You're using a digital set, so this CAN be a bigger deal. The motor needing more power means the CHIP has to supply that power. The CHIP can also overheat, and if it gets bad, components will literally desolder from the board, or components will just plain fail. It would be much better to take the extra magnet out and help your son learn how to slow down for the corners.

          Which leads me to this fact. The game, and the fun of slot cars is not watching a car go while you hold the trigger in full. That will get boring very quickly. The real fun is the challenge of controlling a car that CAN come off in the turns when you go too fast. Just like a real car, if you don't slow down for the turns, you crash. Just because the car is in a slot, does not mean that it really should stay on without ever coming off.

          If you really want him to control a car that cannot come off, just turn the power down. If you want to race with him, turn your power down, too. Better yet, take your magnet out and race him without a magnet, just like many experienced racers eventually do.

          I could go on, but simply put, there are many more reasons to remove magnets and reduce power than there are adding magnets and upping the power.


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            I did the same thing when I started out, found these little round magnets at Radio Shack worked great, then I read a few tuning tips and found the car was better without the extra magnet if you tuned it. but heck fun is fun and thats the best part, spending time with the kid


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              It also depends on how old your son is. If he's very young he might not even watch the car half the time so if there is a way to inhibit the trigger from being pressed all the way that's an easy first step to slowing down.

              One thing to remember as well is crashes with magnet cars tend to be more sudden and violent which will cause more damage to the bodywork.


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                All great insights I am thankful for.


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                  to answer the question of why there is more than one magnet slot... it isn't necessarily so you can pile in more magnets, but rather so you can tune the car by moving the one magnet into a different position.

                  i don't race magnet cars, but my understanding is that a magnet farther forward will allow for a bit less cornering speed before the rear wheels break loose, but fishtailing and deslots won't be as abrupt and the car should therefore be easier to drive.

                  the further forward the magnet is, the more of an angle the car can fishtail before the magnet is no longer above the rails. this gives you more time to see the car losing traction and possibly make a correction to keep it on the track.

                  with the magnet further back, the car will stick better, but crashes will be more abrupt and more violent. it is much more of a "knife edge" driving experience, as the instant the car starts to fishtail the magnet loses contact with the rails. being able to see that happen and make a correction is darn near impossible.
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