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  • First track in digital

    Hi all,
    I just wanted to say thanks everyone for all the help on this site. I finally got my first layout built on a custom 5.7 x 9.2 table. Everything in place including a laptop and second monitor for easy viewing. Picture taken from my cell phone, I'll take a better one if its difficult to see.
    Almost done just waiting on the R3 borders, no idea where I can get the missing pit exit border though.... Google doesn't seem to be helping. If anyone knows where I can pickup that piece please let me know.

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    Layout looks good, dude!
    Not sure what to say about the missing border. They usually come with all the borders needed, but maybe that was from one of those sets that doesn't have them all or something?
    Anyway, your best bet would be ebay, probably. They're not sold alone, so unless someone happens to have an extra, you might have to just make your own. Since you're in Canada, you can easily get some EcoFoam carpet underlayment, which happens to be the same thickness as Sport track. Try to get the kind that has a smooth side to it. I got some last summer, but both sides have texture, so I haven't used any yet. Might try it this summer, though.


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      Thanks much, yeah I think it came in the Pit Stop challenge set but only came with the one border. If anyone happens to have the one I need laying around and is willing to sell it let me know. I'll start looking through ebay though that's a good idea.

      I'll take a look around for the underlay too, that's a good second option. Do folks normally put anything under their track like an underlay? or leave it on bare wood like I have. I didn't even think of that.


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        I have an indoor/outdoor closed loop carpet under my track. It really helps keep the noise down. The EcoFoam would probably do that nicely as well, but the idea with that stuff is that you cut it to shape around the track to serve as border. A wood floor underlayment would be better for under the track, though. It's much thinner, but would absorb vibrations really well.


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          Track looks really good..


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            If you need a temporary border cut one out of cardboard, it is better than falling off the track. I folded a box lid in half to get the right thickness, traced it with a pen, then cut it with a box cutter. I have also cut them out of wood but cardboard is easier to work with. The wood to use is pine moulding around walls and doors.

            You can even paint them or use a pen.

            Nice track in a small area.