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My SSDC is No longer Working...

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  • My SSDC is No longer Working...

    I was rebuilding my track and I had hooked up my PC cables For My Pit-Pro to my 6 Car Digital Power Base & my power base wire to my pit pro and now I can not get my power base to talk to my computer.

    The first time I hooked it up and tried to run a car my pit pro went nuts and showed that all cars had pitted. My power base showed a red and green light, when I re-hooked up the wires the right way, the power base was green.

    My power base still works when I don't have the USB cable hook up but as soon as I try to use the SSDC I get nothing. The program shows me that it is connected (green & red light at bottom of SSDC & green light on power base) but The cars will not do anything.

    So what I am wondering is Did I blow up my power base & my pit pro Or did I do something to the USB cables?

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    Most likely that the Pit-Pro cable is fried, but I don't know why the APB cable would go bad just for being hooked up to the Pit-Pro.

    When you plugged and unplugged wires, everything was OFF, correct?

    If you can't get things going again, you might need to send the cables back to see if they can be easily repaired.


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      I think the power was still on.


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        yeah, that's no good. if it was on for very long, you burned out the cables. The Pit-pro will have burned out no matter what, 'cus it's the wrong kind... if it was on and hooked up for very long... which it probably was if you were testing it a bunch. Then, if you put the APB cable in without turning the APB off, it will have burned out 'cus the APB wasn't in PC mode (which it goes into when the correct kind of cable is in the jack when it boots up).

        There's usually a white tag on the cable that says it's the APB cable, and to only insert/remove it with the APB power off.

        Send them back to whomever you bought them from. Hopefully they can be repaired rather than needing to be replaced with new ones. Or, just order new ones.


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          I would like to thank you for your help as I am going to order a new power base. As I tried to hook up the tower that came with it and it also isn't working with the power base. When I hook it up it starts up but then goes gray and my power base lights start blinking in order.

          But do you think I need new cables for both or should I just buy the power base and see if that would fix my problem?

          It seems that so long as I run the track with out the computer or the tower that all works fine,
          my pit-Pro & power base appears that it is working just fine as I have been running the track with out the Tower or the computer.


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            Interesting. I don't think I've ever seen that happen, but anything's possible.

            If the base won't work with its own tower, then yeah, get a replacement before replacing the cables. It couldn't hurt to contact RichG (Slotfiend) or RikoRocket to see if they think the cables could have been responsible, though. You wouldn't want to mess up the replacement if blown cables could be responsible.

            Also, you don't have to buy a new base outright, unless you're in a hurry. Contact either the retailer you bought it from, or Scalextric-USA for warranty repair/replacement, first.


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              hmmmm... another senseless non-Carrera related death.


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                I'm not sure what you mean by that, but it implies things that you might not be intending to imply.

                No system is without it's problems, and no product is impervious to failures. Carrera is great, but has it's fair share of failures.


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                  Well My new power base & cord will be here today.
                  Thanks for the help. I will keep you in touch as to what I find out.


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                    Well my new APB & USB cable came in and all works good but the Pit Pro Is fried. The funny thing is that the APB & Pit Pro still works just so long as you don't hook it up to ether the tower or to a computer. So I guess I can still use it on my warm up track (the grand kids track). Lessens learned are like brides burned. You only need to cross them once. And this mistake only cost me About $300.00. So thank you for your help It was appreciated.


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                      Without the computer hooked up, a Pit-Pro is just a Pit Lane Game.
                      Are you sure that the Pit-Pro wouldn't work again with a new cable for it?


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                        I have been emailing Colin Cupitt the one who builds the USB cables & he thinks that the Pit Pro is just fine and all I need is a new cable.


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                          Ok I don't know if you can help with this or not but we ran the track last night with the new APB and I was using a car with a installed chip Not a DPR chip. I could use the cross overs but when I passed the APB it didn't pick up my car and no laps were recorded. (the car I was using was a Carrera with the blade changed & Scalextric chip)

                          I did update the old APB and I had no problem with it picking up the car before I changed everything.

                          Do I need to update the New APB and if I do Will it still work with my tower?


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                            Yes, update your new APB. It will work with your old tower, and it will count laps more reliably.
                            Likely problem is that the guide is not properly cutting the guide sensor beam. The updated firmware doesn't use that part, it only cares about the car's ID LED, so as long as the car is straight, it will count in digital mode. Analog use might still have lap counting issues, if your base isn't placed in a braking zone.


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                              Ok I will update my APB And see if that helps.
                              My ABP is right after a corner That mite be what is happening, But why will it pick up my Scalextric cars but not the Carrera cars?