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  • Modding Digital Chips

    For those of you that have sent messages about getting chips upgraded I apologize for not responding. I have been out of touch with this since September. First we started a minor remodel of a bathroom and laundry room that ended up gutted to the studs. Then in the middle of that we had 3 grandsons born in a 6 week period in October and November. The middle of those boys came way to early on November 2 and was 1lb 11oz and is still in the NICU 60 miles away. Also here in Illinois it has been a long hard cold winter. Today we finished the room, Tuesday the preemie is coming home for the first time and is doing well, and the snow is slowly melting (except for the 8" they are calling for on Tuesday). The time changed this weekend and 8" of snow on Tuesday just doesn't seem right. Now that life is back to normal I have the time to mod the chips.


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    Sounds like a really hectic time. Glad to hear the premie is coming home. Trust all 3 bring you a great deal of joy (and they take up heaps of time!!)


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      Hopefully you are still modding chips?

      Are you still modding these SSD chips? Do you have any in stock that I could just buy from you? If not, and assuming you are still doing this, how would I proceed to get them to you? I would love to have a few of the C8515 done as well as several of the C7005. I would probably just purchase new ones and box them up to you. I am in Ohio.

      [email protected]


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        I have some Slot It chips, that I would like to have repaired. Let m,e know if you would like to do it. Thanks


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          F1 Flashing Brake Lite

          Greg (gmyers), I'm trying to add a Flashing Brake Lite to my F1 cars. I have used Evan-Designs who have nice Red-Flashers; however, I only want them to be on when on-track and no-throttle. I've read your thread on tapping pin-6 on the C7005; however, I can't solder on pins that small ;-(
          Do you sell C7005 chips with wires I could use to accomplish this?
          Thank You Much
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