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Any other Scalextric Digital groups???

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  • Any other Scalextric Digital groups???

    We have a group in the Seattle area called DRAWW, but I was curious if there are any other groups of guys who drive SSD together regularly. I'd love to see videos of your actual races. We are having a ton of fun, and it would be nice to see what you are doing that is similar and different. Maybe we can share notes, or if you post a video I know I'd have fun looking at your race.

    Here's a link to a video of our last race:

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    "MT Tam I am" has a pretty regular group of guys that come and race on his track. Here's one of his recent races:

    [ame=""]NCSRA Digital Group 5 slot car series race - YouTube[/ame]

    There was a pretty good group of people running Carrera Digital in Kentucky... or was it Tennessee? You probably know of them, but I don't see much activity from them lately.

    I'd love to see more digital racing groups share their activities on SCI.
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      Thanks Greg, that's a nice video, and I looked at some of their others too. I wonder if there are any other groups. The Carrera guys seem to have more informal get togethers ever so often, except for Bruce at Cincy, they have their annual Turkey Day race. But I don;t know of any others who have a race series like DRAWW.
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        Our NCSRA series above includes both digital and analog in the same series. We have 7 races at up to 5 tracks, 2 digital 3 analog. We accrue points and whoever wins the series gets to say he won the series. What is neat here is that we all come together and set aside our differences (thank goodness this is not a political group) between the two types (digital and analog) and compete.

        I use the same cars and switch them back and forth. It takes just over a minute.


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          We have a club of SCX digital racers that is finally starting to expand to 6 regulars.We try to race evey week and have three tracks setup that vary in style quite a bit.We generally run a 6 week series with 8 car classes.4 classes on a race night with 3 30 lap races for each class, so we end up running all classes at all tracks.I wish we had more racers around even if we had to downsize the amount of classes until everyone got a car for each class, but this format works out well.We have a championship plaque and a trophy for each class and also each track has a trophy up for grabs.It is hard to hold onto your own track trophy unless you sit home and practice(Bassman!) just do to the complexity of digital racing.The fastest car dosen't allways win. Check out the track video section in the forum .Digital racing is awsome!!!!!

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            Happened by these guys yesterday. Looks like they just race casually in one guy's basement, but decided to broadcast this meet up to their friends online. They're clearly in the states, but I couldn't figure out where. If anyone knows, feel free to share.

            [ame=""]Basement Slot Car Racing - YouTube[/ame]


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              Home track in Arkansas

              I have this track in Gentry N.W. Arkansas. Friends and I get together and race for fun. Anyone is welcome to come check it out.


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                That's such a fun looking track. Thanks for the new video. I'll post it here for easy viewing.

                [ame=""]Scalextric digital - YouTube[/ame]

                You might also consider adding your track to the SCI Race Track Directory


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                  like that bank turn and dip they have there. was watching the guy on the end and he never lifted on the trigger.