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    I am looking at setting up a track and I was looking to do one like the one below with 12/16 cars if possible using Digital Scalextric with wireless controllers any help on a design and do I buy the Platinum set and then build on that or do it just one parts and is it as simple as getting two six car sets and just combining them. Any help would be appreciated and if you can point me at dealers who sell these sets in Canada or will ship

    Any help please

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    to SCI! Not sure if you're in Ontario or Nova Scotia?

    Race Haven Hobbies are an SCI Advertiser, so I would certainly talk to them if you're in Toronto any time. And being as you're thinking of going with Scalextric Digital, let's try this Thread in that forum, you'll probably receive more focused and knowledgeable responses there.


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      If you want more than 6 cars on the same track, you'll need oXigen or Scorpius. Personally, I prefer oXigen, but others prefer Scorpius. Either of those will let you run up to 20 cars on the same track.

      If you went with SSD, you'd have to run two parallel tracks of 6 cars, each. Car 1 of track 1 would not be able to "race" with Car 1 of track 2, though it would LOOK like they were. The two tracks would not be synchronized, though. Google search for "epic racing uk" to find a business using oXigen for exactly the kind of thing you're planning.