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Scalex Nissan 350z C2721, C2722 & Chipping

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  • Scalex Nissan 350z C2721, C2722 & Chipping

    Hi Everyone,
    I know these are old cars (2006 ish?) but I'm still new to slots and just got my hands on a couple. Does anyone know if one of our sponsored sites, or is it site sponsors, sell the digital chips for these guys (QuottroX QXP01)? Looking to buy 2 if I can find them. If not I think I can convert them using the F1 retro fit chip instead.

    I thought I would ask on here as I haven't had much luck finding them on any of the etailers around and I'd rather support the site if I can. Maybe these are just way too old to still be around? Or maybe I'm just searching for the wrong thing.

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    Are these the ones with the DPR-like module that comes out?
    There's a description on the internet for how to install the C7005 (saloon) chip into that module, to be just like the ones that were packaged separately. But, unless you planned to find another chip in order to swap out the digital and analog versions, I would just install the chip as you would any other non-DPR car.
    I've honestly never seen the packaged chips for those cars for sale, even on ebay, for years.


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      Kewl those are indeed the ones. I thought maybe someone knew something I didn't... even the saloon chips are hard to find though. I only seem to be able to find the DPR chips (screw in variety) or the F1 retro fit. I'll go the manual conversion though seems pretty straight forward. I think I can even mount the chip on the blank ones in there but we shall see

      Thanks again


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        yeah, saloon retrofit are like hen's teeth. The F1 should work fine, or the DPR. You can even get the right kind of plugs to use in a DPR chip to fit into the car. Then use the DPR chip, if they're easier to find.


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          Now that I didn't think of, can you remove the DPR (saloon) cover from the chip itself? That would be perfect, but I'm a little hesitant to rip it to pieces in case I break it


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            yeah, it comes off pretty easily, especially if you take a blade to the melted bits of plastic peg that holds it on.


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              Well I had a few of the F1 chips handy so I gave it a go, turned out pretty good. Used the mount inside it and cut across the metal tabs to separate them, soldered the wiring to the tabs then popped them back in. The pre existing hole was perfect for the sensor and mounted the chip itself on with a little hot glue and away they went.

              Thanks again, great advice as always.



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                Cool. Feel free to take some pictures and upload them once you get to 25 posts.