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Questions about the SSD APB

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  • Questions about the SSD APB

    I just got an APB, but haven't set it up yet. If these questions have been asked before, let me know and I'll gladly search. Any help is appreciated though.

    1. Is it possible to have the power base separate from the rest of the track and if so, what is the easiest way to do this? Using jumper cables? Is there a diagram available?

    2. I also see that the firmware can be updated. What is the process on how to do this? Does it have to be done?



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    1) yes. You'll need 4 wires to the rails, and 8 to the sensors. I used a Cat5e (network) cable for my sensors, as it has 8 wires. Then I used 14g in wall speaker cable, which was 4 insulated conductors, for my rails. I used Cat5e connectors so that I could detach things as needed, and MOLEX connectors for the rails.

    2) Updating the firmware should be a high priority. The best way is to do it yourself by purchasing a PC-Aux cable for the APB. Contact Slotfiend for his prices, and RikoRocket for his. They both make cables and have their own prices and options. You can also get them from ebay and some slot retailers, but usually at a higher cost because of markup. Shop around, though. Once you have the cable, follow the instructions found here:

    Updating the firmware makes the base better all around, primarily better lap counting/timing reliability, but also some minor feature enhancements. Getting the cable also makes it so that you can try computer race management, which really opens the doors for more digital fun.


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      would this work?


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        No. The PC cable for the APB is specially wired for the APB, and no cable for anything else will work on it, sad to say. You have no option but a cable specifically made for the Scalextric C7042 6 car power base. If you don't want to PM slotfiend or rikorocket, for some reason, you can get Riko's cable from the SSDC web site. I think he sells on ebay, and I think the one some retailers like Professor Motor have is his. Getting prices directly from both slotfiend (Rich G) and Rikorocket (Colin C), will get you the best options and pricing.