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C7042 power base analog mode

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  • C7042 power base analog mode

    I had a few questions about this:

    What are the benefits of running in analog mode?

    Can I run 2 cars that are not chipped?

    I understand that the copper wire will have to be cut in the curved lane changers. Will this affect digital mode (when I switch back to it) and do all the clc's need this done?



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    Your second question is the answer to the first. More specifically, YES, you can run two cars that have not been chipped, which is why analog mode is beneficial.

    If you cut the copper bridges in the CLC as shown in the video/image, and ONLY those two places, then it will work fine for both analog and digital. All CLCs will need this done, but not straight lane changers (XLC) or pit lanes.

    [ame=""]C7042 Part 2 - "Analog Mode" - YouTube[/ame]


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      Thank you again MrFlippant, that was a very informative video. One thing I am wondering about, if it weren't for these forums and videos, how would someone just starting out with digital, figure this out on their own?

      Thanks again.



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        They would muddle through that terrible manual and LCD panel. That's probably the main reason Scalextric have developed their ARC system, and will be replacing the C7042 with the ARC Pro system in the next year or two. You still have to do some drilling down and looking around, but it's all spelled out much more plainly on a tablet screen, plus it's not hard to know if you need to tap something or press the back button on a tablet.

        I made a few other videos as well, in case you haven't already seen them. Just go to the YouTube channel for that video and watch them all.

        Also, connecting it up to a computer eliminates the headaches of that LCD screen. You also end up with more features, such as pit stop stuff (fuel, tires, repairs, etc.)