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Old 6 car powerbase problem!

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  • Old 6 car powerbase problem!

    Looking for some help please guys..
    Finally got a chance to use my Slot track last weekend (it's been 2 long years!) I set up my Scalextric Sport Digital layout, spent a few hours setting it up, building, rebuilding, fit borders etc but when I used it, only 1 car was running. I hunted high and low but couldn't find the manual to set the car ID I scoured the internet too but to no avail, the only info I could get was for the newer 6 car powerbase C7042 but I have the old (original) 6 car powerbase from the Lane Change Challenge set.
    All was not lost as we swapped out the lane changers and salvaged a night of analogue racing... but dissapointed we had to take turns instead of a manic 6 car race
    Does anyone have a link or can post a copy of how to set up the car ID for this powerbase, or shed any light on my situation?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Sorry you weren't able to have digital fun. Hopefully next time! This should help:


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      Thanks a lot for that, you Sir are a gentleman!