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DPR Chip and high RPM motors

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    I have measured the amp draw of cars with 21.5K motors on a wood track running at 10 volts. I saw peaks of 2 amps, the meter displays a time averaged value, so the real peak values are sure to be higher. Running at a higher voltage would increase the draw proportionately. It would be safer to use a chip. The chips themselves are not designed to be bullet proof, I suppose that they would like to sell more replacement chips! You can limit the current with some power supplies, that is not going to work well, having a separate limiter for each lane could work well, if only to protect your chips. Using limiters might reduce the performance of the motor to the point that you would get no gain from a more powerful motor.


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      A separate current limiter for each lane works fine if (and only if) there is no more than one car per lane.
      In digital there are potentially several cars per lane. (If the current is set high enough to run all the cars properly, there's too much current available when one car is running. )
      This could be overcome by putting the current limiter in each digital car. That means accommodating the extra components allowing them to dissipate the heat they will inevitably generate in each car. (The heating will be small if the motors are only very slightly over the current limit, but becomes more important once even quite modest motor upgrades are used.)
      Originally posted by RichD View Post
      The chips themselves are not designed to be bullet proof, I suppose that they would like to sell more replacement chips!
      Could be that's the reason?! Also possibly they don't see any reason to increase the cost of the chips just to protect them against non standard / higher current motors.
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        I am still new to all of this oneredz and mrflippant have been very big help to me with tryin to figure out my layout. So my next question I believe would fall into this discussion. I brought the Scalextric Digital set. My question is the cars that come with that set are they just junk cars or can I upgrade the cars to make them run the way I want and with that being said I have read though most of the stuff in this thread and still have not really understood what is being said. So I guess as we would say at my job in dum dum terms can the motor in the car be upgraded or do I have to keep the stock motor in there, and if the stock motor has to stay what others ways are there that I can make the cars quicker?


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          Hi jrm79
          Upgrading the motor will help on the straights, going round corners faster will often give a considerably larger improvement in lap times.
          A faster motor won't get you round corners any quicker (unless you already take corners at full throttle) indeed a faster motor sometimes makes a car more difficult to drive round corners.

          How do you go round corners faster?
          Chassis tuning! There are very many threads about that on SCI, but briefly.....

          What works best depends on what sort of car you are talking about.
          Better tyres are usually an advantage. Making the existing tyres accurately round often helps, particularly when running with no magnet traction.
          Stronger traction magnets give more grip and more drag so typically make the car quicker round corners and slower on the straight. How much good that does you depends on the circuit and how much power you have to overcome the drag. Traction magnets work on nearly all makes of plastic track, but make no difference on tracks that don't attract a magnet.
          Things like loosening the body help on some cars, but that depends on the type of car.
          Beware of "one size fits all" answers, none of the above work on everything! So make sure you are getting advice on your sort of car.


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            Wow this gets a whole lot more involved then what i thought lol
            This a big learning curve. Lol
            Might have to save this area for after i get the layout built lol.
            Ty al for the info


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              JRM: Al's last post is right on, but don't get too worried about getting into the minutia right off the bat. For me, with Scaley cars, I start with making sure that the gears and wheels turn freely. Then replace the rear tires with a nice set of aftermarket (I run silicone on my Scaley track) and make sure your wheels are true and round.

              After that, it gets to be small changes....and it gets addicting. A tenth of a second from upgraded bushings....5 one-hundredths from a better guide and braid....2 one-hundredths from a lighter interior...and on and on and on and on.......