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    ...killed a thousand men with the jawbone of an ***, everyday a salesman does the same thing with the same weapon.
    An old sales saw. When shopping, I don't interfere with a salesman making a sale. Now if he is misinformed , or worse, lying, I may or may not jump in, depends on the potential harm to the customer.
    I don't want to break the rules here, I know better than to post merchandise offered by a vender who does not advertise here, but how about dissing one who does not advertise here, would that be within the rules?
    On to the salient point. Today whilst browsing the local chain hobby shop, a gentleman was asking about scalextric , six car base, and his current set, which bought of off craig's list. He was frustrated with the set and was convinced he wanted the six car base. OK so the salesman starts offering the ARC App connect , not the set , the base and controller add on.
    This discussion went around the mulberry bush a few times as I casually listened in. At one point, trying to help the gentleman and the , I use the word loosely, salesman, I offer up that the app connect was not digital, it was race management for analog. The salesman digs in, it is digital. I ask him to show the box with the app connect set, Diagram of track on back, "Do you see any crossovers? Does the box, or the box you are showing say digital anywhere on it? "I wouldn't sell it to him if it wasn't digital".
    Um yes you would I think to my self. I recommend the gentleman look at SCI b4 buying. Later out of earshot of the "salesman", I recommend a advertiser here at SCI. The gentleman shows me a picture of his set box on his cell phone, and it is a scalextric digital set. I don't know if the guy on craigs list shorted him, he only got two cars. Maybe his base is defective, or just does not know how to program the cars. I don't know much, but I know more the "salesman", uh I mean clerk.

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    I don't think it's necessary to call out the shop name or anything specific like that, but this story is good enough. I'm sure no one is surprised to find out that I would have done the same thing, and have often been helpful to both customers and "salesmen" in hobby stores when it comes to digital slot cars, and slots in general. I don't think the salesmen was trying to trick or cheat the customer. He did what most people do when confronted with information that conflicts with their firmly held beliefs... they double down and fight even harder. It's human nature that only a good education and open mind will combat.
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      Originally posted by MrFlippant View Post
      ... only a good education and open mind ....

      Unfortunately, it seems that those 2 things are getting harder to find in people these days.