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  • first time digital

    ok been an analog racer for a long time . just bought the 6 car set with extra track . but have a few questions . can the exteision cables for the controllers i see for sale will they work with the digital . also if i wanted to put 6 lane changers in my track will that work is there a limit? thanks

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    There are specific throttle cable extensions for digital. Make sure to use those. Can also buy generic cables. There are other threads on here about those.

    No limit on lane changers. Make sure you have clean, consistent power. As with any slot car track, you may need jumpers or another method to connect your joints (I use small pieces of wire in the small slot outside of each rail press fit at each joint) to maintain consistent power if you track gets large. This is especially important with digital.

    Good lick and welcome to digital!


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      There is a limit on lane changers, but it's pretty high. When the track comes on, all the lane changers will power up at the same time. If there are 20+ of them, the small amount of power each one needs will add up and possibly overload the base. This is only during power up, though. During racing, there can never be more than 6 lane changers being activated at the same time, and that pretty much never happens anyway.

      And yes, make sure the extensions you get are the digital versions. You can also get cheap ones, as mentioned. Look for "2.5mm male to female cord cable 6ft" on ebay, and try to find someone selling a bunch (6 or more) of them for $20 or less shipped. You can then have a couple linked to make a 12' extension, a couple as 6' extensions, and a couple people right at the power base. They work great, but be sure to calibrate the controllers after you connect them through the extensions, because they'll add resistance and you don't want that to make your cars go slower or something. Oh, and mono or stereo, doesn't matter, as long as it's the 2.5mm ones. The 3.5 are too big.


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        Still learning

        ok so i got my cable . and i am ready to do my upgrade should i do this through the ssd web site ? is that also the best race mgmt system to use? .i see you pay to get there system . so should i do the ssd system or is there somthing else . i would like to thank you all for your help here .


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          SSDC is pay. Race Coordinator is free. I use SSDC as it is what I started with. Mr F can probably give you more of the pluses and minuses.

          Have a blast!


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            I had used PCLC with the SCXD system, all the racers in our group used it. Since recently moving to Scalextric, I've changed the PCLC to work with the Scalextric system. I already had bought the PCLC software so that was a factor. I have downloaded the SSDC software to evaluate for free for 30 days. Still working my way through it to decide if I want to purchase it after the trial period is over.
            Both are very good and get the job done, it may come down to personal preference (visual presentation, functionality of what you want/need and overall usability).


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              I always recommend to try all the available options. There's really no reason to use what other people are using, as they all have their pros and cons. Your options include:

              SSDC (
              RCS64 (.com)
              PCLC (
              RCD (
              Ultimate Racer (

              The only one that is completely free for all available features is RCD. RCS64 has a feature limited version you can use for free, and the rest have either a time or feature limitation unless you pay. For example, PCLC only allows 10 lap races until you pay, and SSDC stops working after 30 days.

              The most popular for SSD is probably still SSDC, because it's the granddaddy. RCS64 is becoming very popular due to it's plethora of racing simulation features. PCLC is popular in general because it supports darn near every kind of slot racing system.

              I use RCS64.


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                RCD is free (or small donation to charity).
                Pros include iphone app option (hear on your iphone) ($12), ability to broadcast on web, extremely stable, easy to use, excellent backup, wireless controller compatibility, built in wizards to navigate and understand as you go.
                Also recommended SSDC, RCS64, and PCLC as Mr Flippant also says.