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  • Images of Cars?

    I'm looking for images of Scalextric cars. I've searched the SCI site, Scalextric site, google search, etc. I have seen pictures of cars, what I'm looking for is a comprehensive list of Scalextric cars which can be downloaded and then imported into whichever RMS I decide to go with. One would assume someone has compiled such a list.
    If there is a listing here on SCI, my search didn't find them.

    Thanks, Jack...

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    At this point, I just go to the manufacturer web site and grab their PR photos. If I can't find them there, I do a google image search for the specific model(s).

    Several years ago, a Flickr group was created to share images of cars specifically for use in race management programs. In this case, we were using SSDC. The original images are still there, but a lot of slot car related imagery has been added since, and it's definitely not a very big archive of photos.[email protected]/pool/


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      Yes, you're right. Thanks for the response.
      I'll just download the cars I have and add to it with each purchase.


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        I came across this site a few years ago, and wondered if it was still being updated, but it seems to be as the newer Group 5 Racers are on it.


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          Nice find. Lots of great pictures of all brands. It's interesting to see the evolution of slot cars through the decades.