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Help Needed Cars Take Off at Full Speed

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  • Help Needed Cars Take Off at Full Speed

    I just developed a really weird problem I can't figure out. All of the sudden, at the same spot in one lane (I think) my SSD chipped cars will take off at full speed and run off the track.

    By way of background, I have a Hybrid/Wood/Braided SSD track with the six car power base and lane changers imbedded into the wood. The problem seems to regularly appear at the same spot on the same lane and does not seem to be specific to a single car or chip. In addition, the problem occurs whether I am using the powerbase display and firmware or a laptop computer running RCS64.

    I've heard about a problem with RCS64 where the cars take off at full speed, but I seem to be getting this no matter which race control system I use.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!Thanks -- 50s

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    Two things to try.
    First, make sure every car has a ferrite man both on the motor, and at the guide.

    The "feet" go on the guide/braids, and on the motor terminals. The "arms" are the wires that go to the chip, either from the guide (green/yellow) or the motor (red/black).

    Next, ensure that your lane changers don't have rails that are close enough to allow braid to touch both the left and right at the same time. Scalextric actually redesigned their lane changers because of this issue, but there are plenty of old ones still out there. If you have old ones, just paint over the tips of the rails at the crossings and mergings with some black enamel paint. Enamel is hard wearing, and will last a long time.

    This image shows 6 of the 8 points already painted black, and two additional ones marked in red to draw attention. As you can see, it's just about 1/4" of rail, just to make sure that the braid is less likely to be able to touch opposing rails at the same time.

    Essentially, what is happening is that the chip is getting spikes and eventually gets confused into thinking it's on an analog track at full power.

    The other solution is to reflash the firmware in the chip with custom firmware that does not include the analog mode. Never happens again, but reflashing the chip is not as simple as other systems (oXigen and Scorpius), and can require some pretty precise soldering skills to get the wires attached to the right part of the board. I have the stuff I need, but I haven't flashed a chip yet.


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      Thanks so much for the fast reply. I'm very familiar with the ferrite man issues, so all of my cars have them properly installed. I did not know about the problem with the lane changers and I am pretty sure at least one of my changers may have this problem. In fact, one of my cars actually tends to spark at the exit to the changer that I think is causing the problem. I'll check it out first chance I get and let you know what I find. Thanks again! I don't know what I would do without your help, since nothing I've done is covered in a manual, under warranty, or even manufacture approved.



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        It also tends to happen more on the older (original) DPR chips. If the car(s) you have that do this are DPR, they might be the older chips.

        I would have also suggested braid set up changes, but the braid set up for sport track is different than for routed wood (braid or tape), so would not be a practical solution. In fact, now that I think about it, proper braid setup for a wood track is likely to be increasing the likelihood of this issue coming up. The painting should do the trick for you.


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          This happens occasionally on my Ninco digital. It is caused by the car momentarily losing its ID. If both braids aren't making contact this can happen. Sometimes reIDing the car will help.


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            Thank you for the suggestion.


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              Gentlemen: After a good solid hour of painting crossovers, looking for shorts or near shorts and trying to figure out exactly where this was happening, I determined that the problem was actually my Truspeed Controller. Switched back to the original Scalextric controllers and the problem was gone. Will probably be sending it back for repair sometime soon.

              Can't thank you enough for the help, Stoplitz and MrFlip. 50s


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                robotic epilepsy -too much technology


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                  Ha! Ah..well...