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  • arc pro due date

    Does anyone know when the arc pro race sets are coming out? All of you that are using arc air app, is it any good, and is it good enough to buy now while waiting for the pro set to come out? Have scx wos at the moment, but getting fed up with their development of their app. I might want to try scalextric to compare which is better.

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    You can download the app and check it out for free. The ARC Air will give you a good idea how things will work with the ARC Pro, but it's $100 or so you might not feel was worth spending if your plan is to get the ARC Pro anyway.

    I don't know if there is a release date for the ARC Pro yet. I've heard rumors of spring '17, but I'd bet closer to fall '17 at the earliest.


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      Thanks Mr Flippant for the info. I've seen your reviews on the arc air, and I like what I see. Have you used the scx wos app, and what do you think of it?


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        I have not used the WOS app because I do not have an apple device. I was waiting for the Android version, which I do not believe has been released yet.

        Based on what I've read so far, it's lacking, but sounds like mainly bugs that need fixing. Seems if it was working 100%, it might be passable, but again, I have not played with it yet.


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          Email from Scalextric is 2017 pre-order Range. Last pg last item is Scalextric ARC PRO Powerbase $169.99 Item Code: C8435 Q4 2017

          Forgot to mention. There is not any pic or text about the pit lane. I was hoping there would be so info on that. I would assume the power base would come with an integrated pit lane.
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            I sure hope so.


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              I saw it on Scalextric web site. I wonder if their set will be following right after that.


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                I have a feeling they'll stick with the smaller sets for a while, and sell the ARC Pro as an upgrade to them. But, when the ARC Pro was originally announced a few years ago, it was planned to be sold in a set called Digital Carbon, which was effectively a Platinum set but with the ARC Pro and 6 wireless controllers along with the 6 cars and track. I hope they do that, but will be just as happy to buy just the base. I sure don't need a Platinum/Carbon set. ;-)


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                  Looking forward to your review when the arc pro comes out, Mr Flippant. If it's that good, I might buy it and compare it with the scx wos system.


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                    Honestly, at this point, I'll have to put it on par with WOS, excepting that I prefer Scalextric's way of doing lane changers. But, I won't know for sure until I test it. I will definitely do so when I'm able to purchase it. As usual, it will be down to third party developers to really bring the system into the hobbyist realm.


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                      I just looked on the Scalextric UK site, and it looks like you will only get two wireless hand controllers when you buy this new Air Pro.

                      I wonder if other types of wireless hand controllers will be compatible with this new system ?


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                        There already are. The SCP with oXigen cartridge is fully compatible. In fact, it already works with the ARC Air. also have plans for an all in one controller (oXigen cart is built in) with a build in battery.

                        Also, although the set only comes with two controllers, by the time it's out, so will the spare wireless controllers. Interestingly, if you have an ARC Air set, you can use those controllers as well.


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                          out of control

                          I have been looking around the Scalextric site. The new products section lists the air pro pb, and a set, the Arc Pro Platinum gt. 2 transformers, 4 cars and controllers.

                          Photos of arc air don't show inputs for a wired controller, no ports to plug into. I have a Carrera (BB) and can use both wired and wireless together.

                          That option would be useful for those wanting to upgrade from the four car pb or the six car apb.

                          The current listing under sets (shop), they don't have any digital sets available, Control and Power (shop) out of stock on the apb, and don't even show the pb.

                          I know there are some sets with the pb still in distribution.

                          I don't think there are any scx wos sets available, but at this point, who would buy one? No current Scalextric sets with either apb or air pro. That pretty much leaves carrerra if you are looking to buy now, and don't want to wait for scalextric technology that is pretty much unknown delivery and unknown reliability, features.

                          Interesting how the manufacturers shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly.

                          That said, I do find the convergence of chips and controllers the most interesting developement since digital.