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Motor needed for SCX to Scalextric Digital

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  • Motor needed for SCX to Scalextric Digital

    Ok, here's a question for all.

    I am converting several SCX cars to Scalextric digital. The issue centers around the SCX motors which were running at 18 volts, SCX digital. Putting that motor on Scalextric 14 volts makes them not competative at all.

    Now this is where it gets interesting. SCX has a motor pod that the motor and rear axle assembly fits into. The typical Scalextric motor is to short and not wide enough. I had considered hot gluing a motor into the pod but quickly nixed the idea for several reasons.

    I am looking for a 18k motor the same size as the SCX motors.

    Hopefully someone out here has already done this.

    Thanks for any help on this project.

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    You can buy a special bit of plastic that adapts a "normal" (Scalextric type) motor to the mod that the SCX type motor fits into. The only remaining problem is finding a motor with the drive shaft long enough to still reach the center of the crown gear. I haven't spent much time looking, but I'm sure they're out there.

    Here's a link to the adapters I'm referring to.


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      Excellent, thanks Mr. F. I'm gonna get an adapter to see how it works. I do have a Scalextric motor, W8398, which does have a longer shaft on it. Hopefully the shaft will be the correct length.
      I'll report back once I get everything and put it all together.


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        There's a pod for installing a 180 but 130 will work in the original scx pod you hafta move a pinion way out to reach the ring gear...then you need axle locks or spacers because the shaft doesn't protrude into the ring gear locator.
        I did this to a few NASCAR racers and an scx pro NASCAR...they run really well set up like that.


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          This from a post of mine somewhere else.

          The magic number is 10mm from the end of the shaft to the flat end case of the motor

          Sorry the picture is off axis a little and I don't have an NSR motor.

          Top motor the special SCX conversion motor (9.95mm)
          Middle is obviously the OEM SCX (10.2mm)
          The bottom is an Orange can motor from a Nissan R390 (10.12mm)
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            Thanks for the responses, have not had much time to devote to this. Hopefully I'll have some time shortly to get this done.


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              The motor swap route described in this thread is likely the optimal way to get the different brands to match up better. However, if you are using an APB 7042 with a RMS, is it possible to use power limits and throttle curves to bring the cars closer together in lap times?

              I ask because I have several SCX NASCARS chipped for SSD that I've run mostly as pace cars. Like Waldeck, I've found them less than competitive with the Scalextric cars, so when using only the APB and tower, I may run the SCXs at 100% and the Scaleys at 75% to even up the field a bit. Does anyone have information on really fiddling with RMS settings to "equalize" cars with different motors? Just curious!


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                Information? Sure. Most RMS offer pretty fine control over the max power a specific ID will get, either through a power setting or a throttle curve, or both.

                Experience? A little. I mean, I use that feature, but not to equalize cars. It would take a bit of testing, taking the slowest car at 100% power (or whatever max you want to use) and get an average lap time, and then run each of the other cars with varying levels of power until you can get their average within a desired range of the original car.

                What RMS do you want to do it with?