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was under the impression that scaly sponsors and

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  • was under the impression that scaly sponsors and

    monitors this site

    if not then posting comments to them here is a waste of electrons

    cheap is when scaly has measured the length of wire from motor to dpr door
    install dpr which moves plug up and away leaves tight wire
    willing to pay extra penny for inch more wire at factory

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    There is an official forum at ... I know they do read it...


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      Does the tight wire limit the current to the motor and impede performance? Car type and a picture?

      If you are willing to pay a penny more, replace the wires yourself?

      What a complete waste of electrons!

      Oh there is another forum with a Grumps section . Maybe join there?
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        yes is it time to replace wire with dpr attached
        or should it have been designed better
        grumpy gorp to u barth mikson
        personally expect better from scaly