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saw on sci digital that new slot it chip

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  • saw on sci digital that new slot it chip

    might end tower of digital babel

    perhaps slot it might see need to be able to attach chip to scaly dpr door
    instead of expecting digital users to have capability of soldering

    perhaps should be mentioned on slot it forum since they have seemed to monitor their site

    real question then how many scaly digital users could afford to convert and would
    and how does this affect arc pro if released

    is arc pro obsolete ???
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    on second thought

    the arc pro is not obsolete
    it can be upgraded to o2 as scaly built it to be upgraded
    the straight double changers are supposedly ready for o2
    the wireless controllers can be used with o2

    but that means the current scaly chips and the ones belonging to carrera are obsolete
    great for those that upgrade to o2
    but not for those like me that will not upgrade
    oh well have enough to last a long time


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      not obsolete, just not the latest and greatest.
      If you have no need or desire to upgrade from SSD or run your cars on Carrera, then the chip has no impact on you whatsoever. It's not like Scalextric are going to stop producing their own chips. Even if they did, it doesn't mean your current chips stop working, or that you can't use the new chip on nothing but SSD.
      I really have no idea what you're griping about. This isn't ANYTHING like what happens when Carera switched from Pro-X to D132, or when SCX switched from SCXD to WOS. Nothing.


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        actually not griping Mr Flippant
        just trying to make sense of a new common digital system
        and maybe explain what it actually means
        to many casual users like me
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          My bad.
          I don't think calling the current generation obsolete will help the overall conversation. That's the kind of talk that puts people on the defensive, even when they don't need to be. Even if some people are ready to swap out every chip they own with the new ones, most will not, and will take issue with the implication that they should even consider it.

          What it comes down to is another choice for people. Limitations are dropping away, and that's a good thing, even if most people don't change a thing.


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            understand it will not run analog

            believe is serious fatal flaw


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              Listen, any time it's fatal, this is considered serious!

              OK, that's my contribution to this thread ...


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                glad someone got the joke

                not the same as
                fatal serious flaw
                maybe ?