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    Recently I got out my old SCX analog track with the timer and speedometer and ran one of my new Policar F1 cars the March 701 to be exact. I also ran one of my F1 legends Scalextric cars as well. The funny thing was that the Policar which has no downforce magnet was registering lap times but the scaley wasn't considering that the scaley seemed more suitable to the Scx track. the manual says to only run cars with a magnet in order for the accessories to work properly. So why would the Policar work which has no downforce magnet but the scaley would not. The only thing that I could think of is that the motor magnet is stronger and or closer to the track surface. Antbody out there have any ideas?

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    Interesting issue

    I bet you are likely on to the correct answer. Iíve found the reed switches to be a bit finicky as to how much magnetic force it takes to get them to activate. I bought some extra reed switches from DigiKey and found adding additional reed switches reduced the variability to some degree.


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      The car has about 8 grams of magnetic downforce. I get readings of 50/58 on the MM.
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