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SCX Cars Run Like a Box of Rocks

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    I solder....

    ...all of my cars, the "ears" coming off the endbell to the copper strips in the chassis, makes for much better contact, controls the pod flex a bit in the front and just makes the car better. A dab of rosin flux and a touch of a hot iron with solder and you are good to go. Of course the general things like a flat, square chassis, all tires touching, guide snugged with an "O" ring, motor glued in helps too.



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      I will admit that the regular SCX are not the same quality as the Pro series.
      Of course that is why the Pro cars cost more....
      While in my limited expirence, (SCX NASCAR) the regular cars run ok, but could a little more motor...
      But if you are not happy with the way the regular cars run, diffinetly buy the PRO cars instead...
      Those run fine......


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        I just counted and I have 16 SCX cars. Mostly Nascar but also a couple of Ford gt40's and a few assorted. I have yet to get a bad one.
        The Ford GT40 has only silicone tires added to the rear and oiled and greased. It out runs my slotit. Alfa 33/3 with no problem. The Alfa has the same additions: tires and oil/grease.
        As stated above, they do take time to run in but once that happens they are some of the best runners around with some of the least changes of any of the cars I own.
        The Nascars usually turn their fastest laps after about 10 practice laps on my track. After that, they run right up there with all the other cars and in many cases better.

        I opened my mail while writing this and I just received the #9 dodge dealers Kasey Kahne car (blue and white) and the Texaco Montoya #42. That makes 18 SCX cars and more to come.
        Can't wait to get home tonight and run them.

        Overall I have 130+ cars total and still counting.

        Ventura Alfa
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          I'm curious about your SCX GT40's. The only one I have seen was a version of the 1968/1968 Gulf car, which was issued about 15 years ago. Were there some others that I missed? Could you post some pics for us?

          You will enjoy the SCX Dodges. I have the red Casey Kahne car and it is one of my favorites.


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            Originally posted by jsensk View Post
            I have had SCX cars that were an outright disgrace to slot cars-- completely useless out of the box-- I mean not even able to make a lap.
            You know, I just had that same experience tonight with a Fiat 124. Beautiful car. Put it on the track, pull the trigger, and it sat there with the headlights on, no hint of the motor trying to move. Bummer.

            So I took it apart and found a few things. One of the copper strips was a little twisted, and it took some massaging to get it right. One of the motor's 'chicken legs' was askew (and causing the lack of response from the motor. In the 'odd stuff out of the box department', stuck in the gears was a resistor on a thin metal rod, just like the ones that span the metal strips in the front of the car. Also tucked into the gears was an extra body screw that had gotten into the car and stuck to the magnet. All of these things appear to be production related, but as a result, we have what I'd call a "hobbyist's car", needing some attention out of the box. As a toy, it would be a broken toy to be returned to the store. As a "hobbyist's car", a little attention and it's on its way. Wheels are nice and round, too.

            And it's a great driver, nice and smooth with predictable handling, and it will get a LOT of high quality trigger time.


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              Sometimes, I cannot resist

              And it's a great driver, nice and smooth with predictable handling, and it will get a LOT of high quality trigger time.
              Oh, you're going to send it to Mark to race?


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                I might be able to handle this one on my own.


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                  Fiat 124?

                  completely useless out of the box-- I mean not even able to make a lap.
                  You know, I just had that same experience tonight with a Fiat 124
                  So it works like the real car.......



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                    Originally posted by noddaz View Post
                    So it works like the real car.......

                    Hey, at least the slot car didn't rust.

                    Goofy as this car was out of the box, I put it on a different wood track tonight, and wow, what a cool car to drive. The gears are bedding in, and it's smooth as silk.


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                      All my SCX cars with stub axles won't allow the front tires to touch on a flat set up block. I also didn't like the performance of raising the guide with an O-ring. Taping or glueing the pod is the only mod I like. My SCX Rally cars have full axles without a pivoting pod and out handle the other design. And the SCX Rally cars are my favorite cars to run on my home track. P6's on rears with the front tires stock, worn smooth from being ran on the rear, and oil after removing the magnet. They take a beating too since I race with my 4 year old daughter.


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                        all i buy is scx and ninco cars i run ninco track and scx track i grew up on scx since the early 80s and my dad ran scalextric exin in the seventy's. my son likes the scx cars aswell i still have the family hiar loom its the original exin mexico made chaparal from the seventy's i do realize that scx take a little more tinkering with but i do enjoy that. I have been tinkering with the seat puma gt car for about 2 1/2 years the get it to run the way i want. but when i pull it out at the races they laugh but not so much when they are gething beat. like i say "SCX to the future".

                        SCX (Scalextric)tecnitoys.