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Problem with Aston Martin DB9

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  • Problem with Aston Martin DB9

    I just purchased an SCX Aston Martin. It is analog. I have only one other SCX car s oI don't have much experience with them.

    I put the car on the track and the lights work but the car will not move. No no power going to the motor. So I took the body off the car and put the chassis on the track and the car worked.

    I put the body on again; same problem, lights worked but no power to motor. I loosened the screws as much as I could and the car moved hesitantly around the track. Sill not right.

    Any idea what the cause of the problem could be?


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    i would look at/for loose or pinched wires/ and/or warped chassis...when the are screws are tight you get nothing but lights...if the screws are loose the car moves...

    make sure both brushes touch the track rails...
    make sure the wires from the brushes have good contact or soldered connections...
    make sure the soldered connections at the motor are good...
    warped chassis can cause binding of the drive gears when the screws are tight...
    wish you luck...
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      I just had this problem on a SCX Fiat 124, and it came down to how the tabs for the lights were interacting with the tabs ('chicken legs') on the motor. When the body went on, the tabs from the lights pushed the motor tabs away from the copper strips. I was able to finagle the tabs until it worked, and now the car runs great.

      You can save yourself all the finagling by soldering the motor tabs to the copper rails -- quick and easy!