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Scx analog to digital track conversion?

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  • Scx analog to digital track conversion?

    Does anyone know if you can convert scx analog track to digital like scalextric can? Thanks!

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    Yes and no.

    If you want to go to Scalextric Digital, then you just need the Scalextric Digital components and the regular Scalextric Sport to Classic converter pieces (around $10 or so for the pair) and then I believe you can use the SCX analog track with Scalextric digital.

    If you want to go to SCX Digital then the answer is probably no. The SCX digital track has deeper slots to allow for the pin in the digital guides to extend down and trigger the lane changes. I have successfully made my own converter piece to use Scalextric Sport track work with SCX Digital, but from what I understand Scaley Sport track is deeper than SCX analog and the SCX digital guides can get stuck in the SCX analog track. (Note that SCX digital track is still deeper than Sport)

    So, while I have made it work with Sport and have not personally tried it with SCX analog, someone in another forum just tried manually pushing a SCX digital car along SCX analog track and reported that it seemd to get stuck sometimes.

    (If you're curious, I do have a pic in my gallery of my layout that used Sport track to extend my SCX Digital layout)


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      Thank you sir! I will take a look into that