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  • Nascar Chassis Replacement

    I have a non-COT, non-digital, non-pro Dewalt car that has a warped chassis. Are there any replacements out there?

    I bought a set of 4 with the intention of letting the kids loose with them on my 4 lane track. I opened the Dewalt first and it ran so terribly (with magnet) that I didn't even bother to try the others so they sat for many months. Upon inspection the Dewalt is warped and that is causing most of my problems. The other cars run much better.

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    You might be able to straighten it. You can drop it in boiling water and remove it rather quickly or heat it with a hair dryer, lay it on a smooth level surface like a granite countertop and place a book on top of it so it rests on the body posts and that should straighten it. It should cool in the flattened straight position. Or you can contact scx customer sevice to see if they offer a replacement.


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      SCX nascar replacement chassis are pretty much impoosible to come by, if your going to try the boiling water idea, it's much better to put the chassis on a flat metal plate with some magnets, them put in in a baking dish or whatever, then pour the hot water over it and let it cool,


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        Thanks for the replies. Looking at the chassis I don't know how well I could straighten it even if I had the time to deal with it. grrr...

        I drove it the other night and everyone was watching it deslot randomly on Ninco r2/r3 curves without much driving force and that was with the magnet. (and yes I tried it without the front tires too to see how much that helped-not noticable)


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          The SCX cars generally run better on a NINCO slot car track if you put some tape (such as electrical tape) on the bottom of the motor pod and chassis. This restricts the movement of the motor pod so the car won't de-slot so easily.

          Best regards,


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            SCX has a two year warranty, so if it's still in that period, try SCX technical support...a.k.a. Bryan Young.