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Converting SCXD cars back to analog

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  • Converting SCXD cars back to analog

    I was the winner on that auction site of 3 SCX Ferrari's and a Cupra and what was not disclosed on the listing was that the cars are digital. Is there any simple way of converting these back to Analog and if so is this a big expense?


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    I'm no expert on this, but surely if you run the lead wires directly from the pickup to the motor this ought to work? Getting the lights to function could be a little more complex but not much. You can buy replacement silicone lead wire in spools from places like Slot Car Corner.

    No doubt others out there who have done this will have more and better advice, but the principle should be straightforward enough.


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      It depends on the year, but most SCXD cars I've seen you can literally just pop the digital chip stuff out. At worst you'd need to replace the guide with a non-digital one, but I think those will still work fine on a standard track. Their system is actually pretty clever from a modular standpoint. Open them up and take a look. Pop out the digital chip from the front and see what's left. You can then sell the chips for $10 or so and make enough for another car while making some SCXD people happy with cheaper chips.


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        Being an SCXd guy, I can tell you its not gonna be that easy. Yes, the chip pops out, but the chip has the pickup legs on it that touch the guide brushes. If you don't mind soldering the wires from the guide to the motors, then its no problem, but the lights will have to be resoldered to the same motor leads. The 2 easiest solutions are: 1) return for refund if possible or 2) Leave the chip in and solder wires from the copper pickup tabs to the motor tabs on the rear of the chip, bypassing the chip functions. This allows easy guide replacement, and the pickup tabs for the lights will still touch the chip connectors. Hope this helps, if you need pics let me know.


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          Could you please post photos?

          Would love to see what is required!


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            No problem. This first pic shows the simplest solution of jumpering the chip out. Couple of pieces of wire (red) from the chip legs to the motor pickup legs. This leaves the light pads untouched for the body light connectors. Now, there may be some cars (older?) that are different from this setup, but this is basically how all mine are:

            This next picture shows what your up against if you decide to try and remove the chip for resale. To remove chip remove motor first by bending the chassis up in the center and pull up on the front of the motor, pull up and then out. Same for the chip, bend body and pull up on the rear of the chip. As you can see the chip's front pickup legs are what connect to the guide. So now you will have to solder wires directly from the guide to the motor pickup legs. Pop the guide out to do this. Also the body light connectors now have no touch pads (they were on the chip above), so you will have to solder wires from them to the motor pickup legs as well (if any of the cars have lights, of course). This is all not undoable if your a tinkerer and will net you $30 or so in resale on the chips as MrFlippant said.

            Good luck,
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              If you have some spare copper tape you can make up the contact strips yourself.


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                You could make the contact strips, but how would you duplicate the front guide contact pads on the chip?


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                  Well, yeah, you'd still have to solder the guide to the copper tape with a short bit of wire.

                  I wonder if SCX sells those new conversion bits that some cars are coming with. The plastic things that just have the guide contacts, the contact strips, and maybe a resistor or two for the lights... I saw pics of it somewhere else. I'm guessing it's something they're doing from now on, rather than making two versions of the same car, just make entirely identical cars with the swappable bit for analog or digital.


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                    Originally posted by MrFlippant View Post
                    I wonder if SCX sells those new conversion bits that some cars are coming with.
                    SCX does indeed sell the "analog interface" with or without the light circuit extension piece.

                    The only problem is that the interface was only meant for a chassis made after 2008 of which the Ferrari (I'm assuming something that is not a 599) and the Seat Cupra were made well before that. Of course, the only reason the interface won't fit into an older chassis is due to the brass tabs for the guide blade are shaped differently and thus won't slide into the chassis properly.

                    Thus, if yngwie_70 is willing to shave the plastic where the brass tabs slide in to make it fit w/ the analog interface, it should work.



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                      Don't forget the guide collar is different most likely. So you need the analog guide, the analog guide collar, and the analog strip. Of course, you could find someone who has been converting analog cars to digital and trade them your guide, collar, and chip for their analog guide, collar, and analog strip. Or trade chassis if they have the same analog chasis(which ferrari is it?)


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                        At this point, I really want to get rid of them and put it down to a bad experience on that auction site!


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                          I'm not sure why you would need the analog guide, car should work fine with digital guide as is. Can't see why not. Oops, just saw your post, so they will not take a return?