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AUDI R8 & PRO - chassis question ??

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  • AUDI R8 & PRO - chassis question ??

    Hi -
    anybody knows if the scx AUDI PRO chassis (with motor pod) will fit under the standard(original) AUDI R8 ?
    (I assume the wheelbase is exactly the same,no? as well as the overall dimensions of the chassis)

    *would it take a lot of cutting/removing plastic to make it fit?
    *anyone has done this conversion? pics?

    thanks ,
    racer g

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    if me memory of this is true then the cockpit of the 'standard' will need be clearanced, or replaced and mounting posts created.


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      I've converted a few non-Pro Audi R8's to use the Pro chassis and as said in prior post, interior needed some dremel work, but not a lot. Also on the body, I had to put a body mounting post in the front center, and add spacers to the rear center mounting post to line up with the Pro chassis.

      Result in each case was the car ran better than stock, but still not quite as good as the lighter Pro body.