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    Hi all

    We run a small club here in the UK. For this season we have decided to run Pro Nascars. This will be a "box stock" class, i.e. only to use parts supplied in the box.

    Out of the 5 cars purchased (we are only 5 members)

    29 Reeses
    99 Aflac
    14 Old Spice
    18 Interstate
    88 National Guard

    only the 14 Old Spice car seems to have a pair of tires that are softer than the fronts.
    All the rest seem to have tires that are the same front and rear.

    So my question is are all the tires the same or were some released with shore 30 tires and some not?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Don't know for sure.....

    .....but all of my cars seem to have the same tires on all 4 wheels, size and compound.



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      If only five of you are racing...

      I would choose your favorite tire and get 5 pairs of those. Your racing will be more fun than trying to make the "box stock" tires "even and fair". The other factor is the age of the tires. Newer tires have better grip...

      I have raced the "Pro" SCX Nascars with PRS tires, Slot Īt "p4", and Slot It "f22". All of these were selected for the track we were running on at the time.


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        All the Nascars were released with exactly the same tires, even the Pro Nascars.


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          Thanks for the reply's.
          The last one was the one I was hoping for.


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            My stock Pro Nascar tires are pretty good on my wood track. Is it a different compound than the common Nascar tire?
            Mike A