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Removing the pod from a SCX PRO chassis

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  • Removing the pod from a SCX PRO chassis

    I want to re-power my SCX Porsche 911GT3 Pro for use locally in a Slot.It spec orange motor class. The kit came with a pod for long cans and there are holes to bolt the short can in the pod. I have eveything I need to mount the motor etc.

    The issue is how to get the SCX motor pod out of the chassis with out dammaging the chassis. Slot.It and Scaleauto pods are easy. Screws out and pod is in your hand. I can not figure out how to get the SCX pod out of the SCX Pro cars.

    Thanks for your help!

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    On the underside of the chassis there are 2 holes I use a small screw driver and push the 2 prongs over. This will release the part inside the chassis.

    Funny they supply a book with all sorts of info, but don't address this.

    I hope this helps. If not I could post a pic.
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      Please post the pix with an arrow or to if possible. I understand that spares are not available so I DO NOT want to screw this car up!
      Originally posted by geno View Post
      ...snip... If not I could post a pic.


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        Are you talking to push it from the back of the car to the front of the car? Or does the front block come loose?


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          If it's like any other SCX chassis, you just bend is slightly up in the middle and the pod just pops out.

          [ame=""]YouTube - SCX Digital Analog "How to remove a motor"[/ame]


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            It is not like a normal SCX chassis B(

            I watched the video and sure you pop the motor out of the pod that way but I want to swap the pod that is in the chassis for the other one that came with the kit. The Pro Chassis is not like the one shown in the video.

            Sadly this is what happens when you try to bend the chassis... See the little white stress crack right above the "G" in GT3... And it is not clear in the pix but the tab on the top that holds the back of the pod in place is cracked as well.


            Replacement chassis are not available.

            What to do now??


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              Shoot Bryan Young an email. He may have replacements.

              [email protected]


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                That is a drag . Not as bad, but I broke one of these by overtightening one of the pod grub screws, I fixed it with some JB Weld, and it has held up so far. If you can't get a replacement, you could try a repair, nothing to lose. The mid-chassis crack is probably the tougher repair, but it might be fixable with a small "strut graft", along with a good dose of JB Weld or other strong epoxy.

                Good luck with it, -Ed


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                  To remove the motor pod you need to remove the retainer on the front tab of the motor pod. This is tricky to do without breaking the tabs on the retainer. There are two small holes in the bottom of the chassis in front of the pod. Use a small screwdriver or a pick and GENTLY pry on the locking tabs to remove retainer. The locking tabs break fair easily, but the retainer can be glued back in place. Of course, that makes whatever pod you install a more permanent decision, so choose wisely.



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                    Wow. Sounds like the Pro pod/chassis system is more trouble than the basic ones. What is the benefit to this chassis/pod over the basic one?


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                      Far more pod movement, both side to side and front to back without the pod rocking like the standard cars. There are also adjustment screws to control the amount of movement.