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Has SCX modified their RX-42B?

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  • Has SCX modified their RX-42B?

    I received the latest SCX club car the other day, and after removing the magnet and putting on some silicones started running it on my track. I was extremely surprised at how quick the car was, so popped off the body to see what was powering it and to my surprise, it was a standard RX-42B.

    A bit of background. I run my track at 9 volts and generally, SCX motors perform somewhat poorly at this voltage, to the extent that all my 42B powered cars are slower than stock Scalextric cars.

    Generally, a quick Scalextric will run in the mid-19s on my rather twisty track with quick 42B powered SCX cars running in the high 20s. This one runs right there in the mid-upper 19s and prompted this inquiry.

    Of course, perhaps I just got that one in a thousand motor that is very fast.


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    it could be a timing issue. i had an older car that was fairly slow, but when i ran the motor in reverse i could hear that it was very fast. perhaps your car has the opposite issue?

    that being said, i have noticed that the motors with the red writing on them seem to be smoother, perhaps a bit faster as well.


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      Mine is just as slow as it has always been. Ran my Cuda last night at our club race and got stomped on.

      Joe F.


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        I recently got the SCX Megane Trophy car with the 42B, and it flies. I've run it on two wood tracks so far at 11 volts each, and SCX motors have traditionally dogged it at 11. This one just scoots, and nobody could believe the low end of this car. Long story short, I've wondered the same thing.


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          One thing I did notice about this one is that between two of the armature poles there is some sort of blue material covering a section of the windings. I've not seen this before. Could it be that they did that to balance the motor?

          Whatever the reason, I'd like to think this is something that we'll be seeing more of.



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            The blue glob is epoxy balancing. I've ever seen that on an RX-42B, but there it is! SCX has used that method on their Pro Speed motors (with finer laminations on the poles than the normal 42B's).