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  • Tuning tips?

    I have about 10 SCX Rally cars, and I like to take the magnets out, they perform quite well without that rear magnet, but I do get allot of front wheel hop (esp. noticable on the long straight). I can't see anything really noticable to cause this, does anyone have any suggestions?

    Great to have a place for the SCX stuff, they seem to be getting better and better, it's great that everyone is raising thier game.

    By the way, who's the moderator for this forum section? welcome anyhoo!

    Can we now get product in the states on a more timely schedule? SCX product line is improving, I hope thier delivery of that product follows suit.

    Good addition Alan, Johnny Mac

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    We race SCX Rally on a wooden track at our club here in South Africa. We add a about 5gr of weight around the guide area and about 10gr around the back. Most of us also replaces the rear drive train with's. We also paint/varnish the front wheels to reduce breaking. The car normally hops when we take our fingers off the trigger.


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      without magnets every little bit of wheel wobble is noticable.
      i've gotten in the habit of truing both front and rear axles on these. i use 100 grit sandpaper on a flat surface and track power.
      first remove the body from the chassis.
      then remove the front axle, it's just in the way.
      now sand both rear tires equally, you hafta determine when those tires are true, 'cause no one else can see 'em.
      now remove the rear axle, put the 'front' axle in the rear axle position and sand the front tires same as the back.
      ........ remeber theees.....if you ever remove a wheel from its axle or a tire from its really needs to put it back in its exact postition, the tire exactly same on its wheel, the wheel exactly same on its axle and exactly same relative to the wheel/tire on the other end of the axle.....or all that time trueing has been wasted. also keep in mind that front and rear tires need to be the same diameter. so sand equally. or measure it.
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        SCX tuning.......

        All in Norwegian, but maybe the pic. can help you a bit...


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          Translating Norwegian for free

          Hey Guys,
          Here is at least one internet site that translates web pages from Norwegian into English for free:

          You just copy the web address of the page that you want translated into the correct box on the translator page and then press the translation button. It seemed to work on this page allthough the english translation was somewhat interesting.

          I suspect that there are other Norwegian translators if you search for them using Goggle. Good Luck, Spider V.