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    Originally posted by Wet Coast Racer
    You might think - but it's something you can feel in your hands, I noticed it with both chassis after this had been done, particularly my

    Well observed, Robert. That's something that Dan added. To the eye, the SCX guide flag and the pressure strap contacts used between this, the motor, and the lights appears to be a source of quite tenuous contact. Yet in practice, it seems to work quite well, the lights on Austin's and the Manufacturer car still shining brightly and even power supply being provided to the motor. Old Yellowdog wasn't taking any chances, though!
    First, I think the Slotit motor pod axle uprights are very strong and don't need modification. But the SCX pod arms are very flexable as Robert pointed out. That will be my next project on the SCX pod. I have a lot of sheet fiberglass .055 thick and I will be trying to find room to put some structure in there. There are two small holes in the arms and I will try to lay a plate across this area and epoxy it in. Then start grinding material away until the gear fits.
    Two reasons for the jumper wires. Good electrical contact like Robert said and to keep from preloading the pod. On a stock car if you lift it off the track you will see the contact strips push one wheel down. I thought to get rid of that was a good idea. Next years car may have a new motor that puts out good power at lower voltage if I can solve the distance problem between the pinion and crown.
    The 550 GT has the short motor pod and would be a good bet for next years GT class.
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