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New Rally cars!!!

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  • New Rally cars!!!

    I purchased the new Focus

    and the new Fiat 124 Spyder

    SCX has really raised thier game, they both go like he#@ and are very stuck down, but not to worry the magnet comes out easily. The both have great lights, although on the Fiat there is some light bleed thru on the body, The Focus seems brighter, but the Fiat has 6 front lights and they are smaller, so that's probably an illusion. After removing the mags I gained about 1.5 - seconds/lap avg., The Focus is faster by about .5 - 1.0 seconds per/lap (90ft Scaley Sport). The Fiat is a little trickier to drive, probably due to the short wheelbase, I will add some lead to tame it's happy tail. The Focus out of the box was fantastic, very stable no mag. They are both very fun to run, the Fiat is the quietest SCX I have, and the paint and tampos look very good, I think they are the best SCX cars I have purchased along with my Lancia Delta, I'm giving them a

    Alan, who is going to be the moderator for the SCX forums? and will there be any participation from a rep. from SCX? After looking at all the new stuff from SCX at the Toy Fair in Nurnberg, I think they have come out to play with big Dogs. I hope product here in the U.S. is more easily accessible in the future, because they are stepping up thier quality. SCX cars are some of the best no-mag cars out of the box. One of the site sponsors Hot Slots carries a good amount of inventory.

    Johnny Mac
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    Thanks Johnny

    Thanks for the review. I was on the fence about the Focus---I like the look but haven't had much experience with SCX cars. Will definitely have to pick one up now....



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      You're not on the fence about anything Blair I've seen your latest aquisitions!

      I am very much impressed with the improvements to SCX cars. I recently bought an Opel DTM. Very quick, a bit noisey, but quick and smooth. I liked it so much I just bought another livery.

      Bring that nrew rally car over to the new routed rally track



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        Tim, you know me too well my friend.......I never met a car I didn't like.

        I'm looking forward to running this Ford Focus----heck, all our rally cars---on your new track.



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          can you post a photo of the new rally car chassis, or are they still the olded design?


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            I think SCX cars never really get the attention they deserve. I think they are the best all-around car to buy. Sure, they have duds, but most handle well, with or without a magnet. Also, I notice that other brands have bad tires, and the scx tires seem to work on any surface, and pretty well, they slide enough, and they grip enough.



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              i run scx cars and the cars i have love to run are my audi tt-r's and the rally cars.they make realy good cars they dont get the credit they deserve. the nex cars i like alot are my nincos and then my scalys and then my carreras. i think people complain about the noise the scx cars make but for me i love to hear them make noise my carrera cars are quite and for some reason they just sit in there boxes.

              I think its cuz i dont feel the engine in noise in my head. i get a little board fast. but dont get me wrong the carrera cars are very very impresive. i would not get rid of them for nothing. but i do like my f1's and my rallys from scx and go kart's by ninco.

              i will be gething the new fiat 124 as i do like the way it looks and the new subaru rally by scx too.


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                Another SCX Fiat 124 Rally Car

                Hey Guys,
                Did you see this version of the SCX Fiat Abarth 124 car yet?

                One just sold on eBay

                Spider Veloce


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                  SCX Fiat Spyder

                  Waiting for this one to hit the shelves locally.