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  • Rubber Tire For SCX Track

    What is a good rubber tire for SCX track? C1, P6, or other compounds? Thank you.

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    I would expect P6's to be excellent on your SCX track. They were great on my Scalextric Classic track.


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      if its the digital or new universal track, we run s2's like the sipt17 or sipt18


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        I've found the C1 tires to be great all around on a variety of track, including classic/SCX. I'd expect them to perform just as well on the new SCX track. I'm also a fan of F22, as far as rubber goes.
        Overall, though, I prefer urethane tires. Yellow Dog, Paul Gage, oldslotracer, and more make great urethane tires for a variety of cars. They grip well on a variety of surfaces, can't be treated (e.g. magic tire treatments that are often kept secret), and true quickly and easily on sandpaper or on a truing machine. I've never been disappointed by a urethane tire I've tried so far. In fact, I just got some more Paul Gage tires, and they're totally transforming a variety of cars that I've had languishing in the drawers.