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  • Use of SCX 50320

    I was wondering if someone could answer a question about the following SCX product?

    SCX 50320 - 1/32 SCX Pro Slot Car Parts - Motors Holder Mabuchi Type

    Are there SCX cars that this will not work with? I would like to swap out several motors from my SCX cars and I was wondering if this could be an option.

    Cars I have include NASCAR's, Corvette's, Audi R-10, BMW M3, Peugeot LMP

    Thanks in advance for the help


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    SCX 50320 is for use with SCX Pro chassis. I believe it will work with SCX Pro NASCAR cars, but am certain it will not work with regular analog or digital SCX NASCARs. SCX Pro cars come in a different type of packaging than normal cars do, so they are easy to tell apart on the shelf at a store. If you are not sure what you have, post the part numbers for your cars or a photo of the chassis's of the cars in question and we would be glad to help.

    Simply, I do not believe this is what you are looking for. ( I'm sure you already know most of what I said, the extra info is for newer fans of SCX.)

    Ahab out . . .
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      Thanks ahab, I thought that was the case but I thought I would confirm.