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Need Tires for Hornby car

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  • Need Tires for Hornby car

    I now have my first Hornby car a scalextric Lamborghini Diablo,
    I run on Strombecker track. and I Run rubber tires, and foam tires.
    and my questions are:

    1) What would be good 'sticky' tires for the rear of a Hornby car that runs on plastic home track ? and I'm open to trying urethane tires.

    2). where can I get the tires you recommend?
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    depends on the type of car and type of track. give us some specifics...


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      Hi, I suspect you mean 'Hornby', so probably a Scalextric product - though I note you have posted in the SCX Forum. (If you want to edit the Thread Title, click the Edit button and then select 'Go Advanced'.)

      Problem is, the Hornby cars are very faithful scale reproductions - and that means that their wheel dimensions will almost always be different, as with the original car; so you'll have to let us know which car you're seeking aftermarket tyres for.

      The other key question is whether your track usually has stock rubber, urethane, or silicone tires running on the surface. These difficulties aside, be assured that there will be several options open to you for a tyre upgrade, made to precisely fit your wheels!


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        Take one tire off the car. Measure the raised rib in the centre of the wheel it should be 4. 4.5 or 5mm you can do this with a rule.. If it is less than 4mm you are screwed and need specific tires.
        If it is at least 4mm, measure the wheel diameter it is likely to be 16 or 17mm. Then measure the width, about 8.5 to 9mm

        If you end up with say 16mm dia, 8.5 wide and ridge 4 or more then std. 19x10 tires will fit, Ninco,, etc..same goes for 17mm diameter. NSR are a bit less forgiving and are loose on the Scalextric wheel I tried with those dimensions. 19x10 fits well and Ninco slicks are good.

        Don't know what compound is good for Strombecker track but P6 or the latest equivalent works well on Scalectric sport. Tire # P24. As does Ninco 80515 19x10 SLICK SHORE A-25.

        But as I said if the centre rib is narrower than 4mm say 2.5 you'll have to go with DIY "mould-in-the- shed" urethane tyres for Scalextric like Ortmans or Paul Gage because std. "rubber" tires will be too loose.
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          Paul Gage is da man! I was very happy with the replacement tires that I ordered from him. Find him on ebay paulgg132 Paul's Slot Car Shop. He might be able to help you with replacements.